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 It’s time to claim your
6-figure business and do the work you're here to do. 

Spinning your wheels?

Feeling overwhelmed with all the tech and complicated cold marketing strategies that don't align with the way you want to serve your clients?

Feeling lost on where to start and how to bring in consistent income and the right clients?

Feeling like you have to do it on your own because you don’t have a team to help you?

What I know about you is this...

You’ve got skill as a transformational coach, holistic practitioner, or healer.
You’ve got the training, the certifications, and you know how you want to help people.
And now, you’re ready to create income and impact through your wellness business.

... BUT you're unsure of how to turn an expensive hobby, into a thriving wellness business

Activate Abundance® is perfect for you if:

          You're a transformational coach that has been in business for a few years and not getting the results you desire.

          You're a coach/practitioner just starting your entrepreneurial journey and want to accelerate your growth.

          You want to put simple strategies, systems and structure in place to create consistent 5K-10K months and grow to a 6-figure income stream

          You want more freedom so you can have more time to enjoy the income you are creating.

          You're willing to step outside of your circumstances and create your desires for a thriving wellness practice.

          You're craving 1:1 personal support, real life examples and community to take you to the next level without the overwhelm, burnout, frustration and procrastination that keeps you spinning your wheels!
Is this right for you?

We work with many different women wellness  entrepreneurs and transformational coaches

Health Coaches
Life Coaches
Transformational Coaches
Wellness Coaches
Nutritional Therapy Practitioners
Relationship Coaches
Herbal Entrepreneurs
Mindset Coaches
Service-Based  Entrepreneurs

Any impact-driven, service based coach or entrepreneur looking to build, grow, or evolve your business into a thriving, profitable and sustainable business

... all while experiencing the journey with simplicity, confidence, joy, and in alignment with your heart.

What I know about you is this...

You became a impact-driven coach or service based entrepreneur to help people, change lives and make a positive difference. But not enough people know about you and you're not sure what to do to find them, connect with them and invite them work with you in a way that feels heart-centered and aligned with who you are. 

You don't want to feel salesy or use aggressive sales tactics, bro marketing or cold, inauthentic funnels. 

You want a SIMPLE, Proven, Heart-Centered, Aligned way to make 6-figures and change your expensive hobby to a real profitable business. 

I can show you how

No more starving healer archetype.

You deserve to be WELL PAID for sharing your  gifts with others

This is not Another DIY Course

Activate Abundance®

with Christine Williams

A Business Accelerator Program for coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who want to make people their priority using heart-centered and proven strategies, simple systems, LIVE support, and want to be part of a community of women who stand for one another.

Together, we'll support you to grow an abundant business, with  consistent $5-$10k monthly income.

  • Daily accountability emails from Chris

  • Daily check-in’s with your accountability buddy

  • Daily support in your Voxer group from Chris and your success coach.


  • Weekly recorded training modules with workbooks inside your membership portal on weeks 1-2-3

  • 2-Hour LIVE Q&A calls with Chris on weeks 1-2-3

  • Weekly accountability trackers sent out each Friday.

  • VOXER group for intentions, declarations and inspired actions M-W-F

  • VOXER access for support from Chris and your group pods of 5-10.


What you'll receive:

  • Monthly Group Mindset Calls with Chris

  • Monthly 1:1 Accountability Calls with your success coach

  • Monthly Calls with your Accountability Pod

  • Monthly Abundance Plans sent out at the end of each month.

  • TWO Get Things Done calls for implementation and working on your biz



each quarter to create your customized action plan

Live group training with Chris on heart-centered strategies to predictably grow your business to 10K months.

  • Grow your online community
  • Grow your messaging + content that converts
  • Grow your collaborations and referrals
  • Grow your nurture events

Quarterly Abundance ACTIVATOR CALLS 

1:1 Strategy Call with Chris


LIVE 4-Week Program to create quick cash-flow in your wellness business, and all the impact that goes with it

Cash Infusion Bootcamp with Chris

LIVE Create your EPIC Year Workshop with Chris


LIVE 1/2 day VIP Workshop on an inner game that shifts your beliefs and identity to BE the empowered leader that you are. 

The Inner Game Workshops

  • Where to Find Clients
  • Collaborations and Leveraging Other Peoples Audiences 
  • Client Attraction
  • Creating Your Irresistible Freebie 
  • How to Create a Landing Page
  • How to Create a Workbook in Canva 
  • Debriefing Your Nurture Event

BUSINESS BUILDERS TOOLBOX in your membership portal: 

  • Recorded Trainings with Chris
  • Creating your Golden Hour
  • Daily Alignment Practice
  • Creating Your 90-day Sacred Self-Care Plan
  • Creating Your 90-day Nurture Plan for Your Audience 
  • Managing Your Time + Productivity
  • Growing your Facebook Group Organically

Plus Bonuses...


The Abundance Journal

100 Rockstar Email Templates

Diving Feminine Sales Training with Kaela Gedda

Your 90-Day 'Done-for-You' Content Plan

Add 100 Leads to Your List in 30 Days

How to Create 1k-5k in 30 Days

Swipe Files for Your Nurture Events

Creating Content that Converts Course

Write a Book in 12 weeks with Sara Connell 

Create the income you deserve with a heart-centered strategy that works.

You'll love working with our experts!

Laura Mzhickteno
Copywriting Expert

Sara Connell
Thought Leader Expert

Liz Nicklas
Mindset Expert and Master Coach

Kaela Gedda
Heart-Centered Sales

Meet your coaches!

Vikki Fuhrman
Success Coach & Program Director

Tracy El
Success Coach

Samantha Schmuck
High Performance Habits Coach

Before working with Chris, I was looking for a way to build relationships with my clients without feeling like I was grasping at straws and just selling selling selling selling. I was seeking a way to support and encourage my clients without being a "sleazy sales person" - which I totally was!

My Biggest Takeaway from Activate Abundance®?

Build | Nurture | Invite

I implemented Build, Nurture, Invite immediately.
In the first month of working with Chris, I had my first $10k month.

And in my first quarter (3 months), I brought in $27,000 - more than my salary in my previous career!

After working with Chris, I went from filing bankruptcy to a 6-figure business!

Working with Christine is giving me the opportunity to learn how to step back and see my goals as specific and measurable. I am finding it much easier to move out of overwhelm and into action.

Jessica Fox
Founder of Jessica Fox Coaching

Define the direction of your flow 

Think of a river.
The river bank is the structure that allows the current to flow.

If the flow (all of our creative energy) didn't have the river bank (structure), the water wouldn't be going in any direction at all.

We need structure. And we need flow.

Together, we'll create your structure so you can let your impact flow with purpose and intention.

Let's step further into the foundation of your business

See, the problem is — most people getting started building their biz overlook the 6 pillars to creating balanced business.

You might be strong in some of the pillars below, but often people completely neglect others. Once you understand the success pillars, this process is with you forever, and you'll be able to generate the predictable cash-flow and ongoing impact that as wellness practitioners, makes us shine :)

Pillar 01: 

Alignment Creates Abundance

How to align your worthiness and vision to your NEW identity so that you can uncover your unique brilliance (secret sauce). Then use that alignment to find and enroll your ideal clients.

Pillar 02: 

Design Your Success

How to design your own sustainable abundance plan so you can be a standout leader in your field. This step is what makes your success journey both simple and powerful.

Pillar 03: 

Attract Your Ready-Yes Clients

How to create your heart-centered marketing plan so you can attract, (not chase) your ideal clients—organically and authentically grow your business through content that converts.

Pillar 04: 

Nurture to Connect

How to cultivate community to nurture your connections through valuable and relevant content. Here, you create the "know, like, and trust" factor that you need for ready-yes clients.

Pillar 05: 

Invite to Enroll

How to invite prospects to work with you and make offers! This is when we talk about enrollment. Learn how to help your clients invest in themselves and and make empowered decisions.

Pillar 06: 

Empowered to Mastery 

How to prepare for the next evolution of your business. Understand what's working, refine what can be better, and hit the repeat button to roll into your next level of success. Oh, and don't forget to celebrate along the way!




Activate Abundance® Packages

Only 15 spots available






12-month payment plan

VIP Add On

Only 5 Spots Available

Cash Infusion Bootcamp

10 Module Marketing + Copywriting that Converts Course

The Abundance Journal
103 Facebook group posts for a highly engaged community.

Bonus: The Soul of Your Brand VIP Session

Bonus: Soulful Leadership Retreat Ticket to my September 2022 retreat

Unlimited personal Voxer support

Monthly 1:1 coaching calls for the 12 month period. Choose (1) 90 min. session or (2) 45 min. sessions each month

One 90-minute Fast Track 1:1 strategy session with Chris to get you going fast.

Bonus: The Soul of Your Brand VIP Session

Bonus: Soulful Leadership Retreat Ticket to my Fall or Spring retreat

Bonus: Personal email access to Chris

Cash Infusion Bootcamp

10 Module Marketing + Copywriting that Converts Course

The Abundance Journal
103 Facebook group posts for a highly engaged community.

Bonus: The Soul of Your Brand VIP Session

Bonus: Soulful Leadership Retreat Ticket to my September 2022 retreat

PAY IN FULL Bonus: Personal 1-hour fast-track strategy session

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Questions? We have the answers...


The Activate Abundance® program is 12 months long, however, many women choose to stay in Activate Abundance® for multiple consecutive rounds. We accept applications all year long on our waiting list for those interested in joining the next round to reserve their spot in advance!


Space is limited to 20 women for each round of the program. This allows us to deeply serve each woman in the experience, and deliver the wrap-around support we are known for. 


If you're a woman wellness entrepreneur or holistic practitioner and resonate with Chris in her trainings but still have a few questions, please fill out an application and our team will be in touch to schedule a clarity call with Chris to make sure it's a fit before you enroll!


Call times and dates are listed further up this page. Once you enroll, you'll receive a link to your cohort’s call times, links, and expert sessions so you'll stay in the loop when everything's happening! All group sessions are recorded, so even if you're unable to attend live, you'll still gain so much value from watching the recordings. Private coaching sessions are scheduled at a time that mutually fits your schedule + your coach's schedule


The Activate Abundance® program is a perfect combination of group support, community, LIVE coaching, and 1:1 calls that give you the wrap-around support you need to grow your business. Along with Live access to Chris, and personal 1:1 calls with your success coach each month, we also provide you access to a team of experts in the categories of mindset, heart-centered sales, marketing, copy creation high-performance habits, and social media so you'll have all the tools, support, + resources at your fingertips to create the next level of success in your unique business. 


OH YES! This is a hybrid that actually works more like a mastermind than just a program. Many programs do not include private, 1:1 support from your coach throughout, but this one does! I know how important it is to receive focused, customized, and specific support around your mindset, business strategy, and the structure required to lead your business well.

You will have private 1:1 sessions each month with your personal success coach, LIVE group coaching calls with Chris, and 4 private Quarterly Strategy Sessions with Chris throughout the 12 months. You also have 1:1 access to me in a private Voxer group between sessions ask questions,