Soulful Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs


Increase your IMPACT, WEALTH, JOY and FREEDOM as you attract an over-flow of ‘READY YES’ clients and elevate into the empowered feminine leader you were born to BE.


 Redefine what it means to be an abundant and empowered woman who creates the income + impact that changes (y)our world.

It’s time to SHINE ABUNDANCE NOW sister!


It’s time to SHIFT from exhausting hustle and DOING. ALL. THE. THINGS. To clarity, focus and flow in your business (and beyond) so you can break free of limitations, rise into empowered action, and create soulful abundance in the way that most lights you up.

When you do–everything changes. You can live abundantly + lead soulfully and authentically. You can tune into your purpose and passion and make the income doing what you love. 

Most importantly, I want you to know that when you harmonize both the masculine structure and the feminine flow for yourself, you very literally make the world a better place. You share your gifts and become a role model for the next generation of women who want to become well paid, doing what they love and serving with soul. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to create an income + impact, doing what you love, but right now, you just don’t feel confident in how to be able to pull it off or where to start? You have training and the pieces but are just now sure how it all fits together. 

  • You want support, guidance and strategy from someone who’s been there and has the experience to help you create that soulful business and life you’ve been dreaming of with real life examples and a simple, high touch, low tech strategy that actually works. 

  • You want to create financial freedom + make an impact doing what you love, without the stress and hustle of being constantly on. (you know there must be a better way- there is, I will show you- It’s one of my superpowers)

  • You *think* you have DO more to make more. You keep hearing the old voice saying “if you don’t work HARD, you won’t be successful.”  (NOT TURE)

  • You want a simple, low tech, high touch, sustainable way to launch, grow and scale your wellness practice with heart and soul while being WELL paid. 

  • You want to harmonize BOTH the masculine structure and feminine flow to experience more confidence in sharing your message and attracting clients, without having to book discovery sessions. Wealth becomes a beautiful side effect of serving others and doing what you were born to do. 


You’re ready to do something NOW to find the way out!


Listen my friend, there is this cultural entrainment that in order to make an income you have to STRIVE, PUSH and HUSTLE. It’s a very masculine way of working harder to get ahead.  I know, I’ve been there too. And I’ve learned that it’s just not true.

“I’ll teach you a simple heart-centered strategy and the mindset shifts you need to finally break out of old patterns of scarcity and feel abundant, empowered, confident, and excited about creating that 6 figure income and time freedom you desire, while making an impact in the world as a soulful feminine leader. 

There are several ways you can work with me starting today!

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Soulful Abundance Business Intensive Session

Book Your Soulful abundance business intensive Session 

Let’s get you off to a GREAT start and create the MUST have foundations and systems to grow a thriving coaching business with the spaciousness and flow you desire.

In this 90 minute session you will walk away with clarity on your ideal client, your programs and offers, pricing and how to bring in more spaciousness and freedom.

Plus, I’ll share ways you can continue to be supported in growing your practice to 6-figures and beyond. 

Join me in my signature 6-month Activate Abundance™ Program

Activate Abundance  

Align to YOUR Worthiness and Simplify Your Structure with wrap around support for creating consistent 5k+ months and beyond. You’ll get BOTH personal 1:1 support and be in an amazing community of other visionaries and leaders making a big change in the world and be well paid for sharing their gifts. 

Launch WELL: A DIY kickstart to a thriving holistic wellness practice in 12 weeks or less

Launch WELL  

In 12 modules you will gain access to my proven done-for-you 6-week wellness program I used to collaborate with doctors and health practitioners to grow a thriving wellness practice. Use them as your own, or edit as you choose to customize a 6-week wellness program of your own.

PLUS- Get LIVE monthly calls to help you implement along the way. 

Work with me and a high impact group of empowered + soulful 6-figure women wellness entrepreneurs in the ACCELERATE Mastermind 

This is the most “high touch” option with the highest support level and accountability to create results fast. For the woman entrepreneur who is “all in and playing full out.” We create lasting transformation as we work deeply together in both community and with customized 1:1 laser coaching to help you move through the old programs keeping you stuck in scarcity while realigning your mindset to create new ways of creating abundance and flow without the stress and hustle.

You’ll get all the strategy, systems and mindset support to take you to the next level. 

PLUS you’ll get some special bonus’ to help you realign your relationship to time and increase financial freedom and joy!

***This program is open to just 10 women and is filled only by application and a mutual fit call. 

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Not sure where to start? 

Just click here and we will set up a time to connect in a free 30 min. clarity session and see which program is the best fit for you.


I’ve received more from Chris with her support in just a few free chats, then I have in 9 months with a business coach that I’m paying money for. D.M- Health Coach


In just 2 months, I’ve double my coaching prices, signed my first high level 1:1 client who paid in full and feel confident in my direction on how I want to show up in my practice, and serve my clients and family powerfully. I feel so empowered and am celebrating knowing my purpose and staying true to my purpose. Thanks Chris! – A.S.- Health Coach



Chris has a way of holding you accountable and believing yourself that is inspiring and encouraging. She has helped me get out of my own way when I felt scared that I couldn’t do it and really be successful at coaching. Because of her support I have made several referral partnerships who use my services as a value added incentive to their clients. Just this week they asked me for 100 sessions to give to their clients. I feel clear, focused and have a strategy that feels authentic and aligned with how I want to serve my clients. N.T- Health Coach



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 It’s YOUR time to SHINE!