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From Frazzled to Freedom 8 Week Online Course


Walk away with a toolkit of soul-filled ways to create more impact + income in the world, sharing your gifts.

Feel fully sourced and awake to a new way to relate to yourself, your business, life and the ability to make choices that deeply serve you in the way that is most authentic to you. 


Join the LIVE online, 8 week Group Program for women leaders who are all in and ready to reclaim their power, time and energy to light up the world without burning themselves out. 


Starts Tuesday July 2, 2019 5:00pm EST

We meet weekly online and LIVE for 8 consecutive weeks + get a 1 hour personal coaching session with Christine. 

(If you miss a session, don’t worry, it will be recorded and a replay will be available so you won’t miss a beat.) 


Investment  $1497  Enroll now at $997 and save $500

or  make 3 payments of $399



When was the last time you felt energized, free, empowered, confident and excited about your business and life? Excited to make the impact and income you desire and really enjoy living.

Flowing instead of striving to just get through the day?  

I see you!

You are a woman who is
So. Very. Weary.

Weary of the endless cycle of burn-out, stress, exhaustion, up and down moods, and feeling like your stealing from home to create your big work. 

Weary of trying to keep it all together for everyone –  putting your needs last and the endless pushing and striving.

I hear you!

The women who is asking for more!

More confidence in pursuing her dreams. More fulfillment, more balance, more vitality and more success.

More time for yourself. More deep connection with your family.

More energy to create what you know you have to offer the world and create the time and financial freedom to enjoy it with your family and friends. 

Your inner light has dimmed and that frazzled feeling is loud.

I Know! I’ve been there. That’s why I can hear your voice so clearly. It was once mine. You can read more about my story here.  


Did you know you can actually achieve MORE by doing LESS?

It’s time to break out of the burnout, hustle and striving to create your dreams and step into flow, ease and relaxed confidence in your biz and life.  

Most importantly, I want you to know that when you build your business from a deeply nourished place based on sacred self-care habits + systems and reclaim your time to be fully sourced, you will be living and creating from the most effective, sustainable and abundant alignment.  

If you want to become successful as a leader (or ambitious business owner, etc.) then self-care is THE most important habit to put into your business plan. Otherwise, you will still be living with chronic stress, burnout, hormonal imbalances and stress sucking the joy out of life.


Who is this for?

  • The ideal FFF women is someone who is tired of trying to do this the old way. They’ve tried it on their own and and are sick of feeling like they’re constantly taking one step forward and then two steps back. Putting their own needs on the back burner and still feeling frazzled and unfulfilled.

  • They want to feel like they’re in control of their life rather than the circumstances being in control of them. And they’re ready to try a new approach and are open to learning new tools and strategies to make that happen.

  • The heart-centered conscious entrepreneur wanting to create an abundance mindset.

  • The emerging entrepreneur just beginning her journey or the women who leads looking to take her business up a notch by building a sustainable foundation of self-care.

  • The driven women who know’s she’s meant for more than what the voice in her head tell her, that judges, doubts and plays small.

  • The impact maker who wants a supportive group of sisters to hold the space to learn and grow and be a change maker.

  • The mom trying to do all the things, wanting to align mindset and vision so life and business feels more meaningful.

By the end of the 8 weeks you will walk away with a toolkit of soul-filled ways to create more impact + income in the world sharing your gifts, feel fully sourced and awake to a new way to relate to yourself, your self-care, your business/home life and the ability to make choices that deeply serve you in the way that is most important to you. 

Imagine the freedom and peace you will gain when you feel confident to make choices in alignment with your goals and dreams as your most empowered self.

Imagine the abundance you create from this place in all areas of your life.

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What is in the program?

We embrace and embody 8 soul qualities of personal empowerment through gathering in community, inner exploration and aligned action with a tribe of conscious women leaders stepping into their full possibility together.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • 8 live online classes, all recorded in case you can’t join us live; this is where the magic happens, with support and community to hold the vision and space to help you step into your power.  

  • 8 “Ask Me Anything” Q & A sessions with me each week in the FB group;

  • 8 worksheets that will help you dive deeper into the material I teach in each class;

  • Access to the private FFF Facebook community with others who will support you and help keep you on track;

  • Daily prompts that will give you something to think about each day and keep you moving forward

  • A personal Voxer group for an added layer of support and accountably and inspiration;

  • A personal Accountability Buddy (totally optional) that will be assigned to you based on similar goals, age, etc.

  • BONUS: A Free 1 hour personal coaching with Chris to dive in and get unstuck quickly with anything you need support with in your health, life or business. ($300 value)

  • Learning and putting into action the success, health and lifestyle essentials using my S.H.I.N.E.! approach, to help you reclaim your confidence, energy and balance so you can create the income you desire with flow and ease. (These are essentials that I return to over and over again to help me reset and refocus so I can lead with confidence, energy and vitality. They have worked for me, and I know they will work for you too.) 

  • Support and accountability

  • Inspiration and motivation


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It’s Your Time!