Comparison is the thief of joy!

Two  of my favorite quotes are “Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order” and “Comparison is the thief of joy.” With all the images we see on Facebook and Instagram its easy to see all the amazing, fun, beautiful things people are doing and feel dissatisfied with our own life. We compare what we feel in our inner world to what we see in people’s outer world and we feel less than. On International Women’s day,  it’s time to erase that “stinking thinking” and embrace our own beauty and strength within because we are all so powerful and fabulous just as we are.

Healthy competition can be inspiring and encouraging to be our best selves and stretch us to meet new goals. But remember, the only person you need to compete with is who you were yesterday. We don’t need to be “Better Than” anyone else in order to feel good about ourselves. As empowered women we can lift each other up and speak light and truth to each other when we have self doubts and the lies begin to creep in that we are not good enough, less than, not powerful enough, not skinny enough, not beautiful enough, not whatever enough… Those OLD tapes are just not true. We are ALL good enough, in the here and now. Not when we accomplish what ever goal we are chasing or striving for. RIGHT NOW! As is.

If you have health goals you want to accomplish, remember, progress and not perfection is the way to lasting sustainable results. Change comes from a place of acceptance not fear.  So next time you feel less than, look into your eyes and ask yourself if what you are hearing about yourself is true? Give yourself some distance to take look at it and see if that belief is something that lifts you up or brings you down. If it’s not something you want to believe about yourself anymore, let it go! Bless it and let it go. It served a purpose at one point in your life, but it’s not needed anymore. Once you are aware of those old dysfunctional beliefs you now GET TO CHOOSE what you want to believe. You get to choose what to belief about you, your life, your world, and discover your own truth from a place of empowerment.  And that my friends is where true change comes from. It comes from saying YES to who we are now, and then choosing how we want to feel going forward. That feels so much better doesn’t it? We don’t need to negate or punish ourselves to make change.  

Claim that brightness and truth inside yourself and let it shine out into the world. It creates the opening, possibility and inspiration for other women to do the same. That my friends is how we change the world. Stepping into our truth and sharing it, even if we are afraid. So the next time you hear that old “mean girl” tape, look into your eyes and tell her that you choose to see your beauty and fire within, because that’s the truth and I see that in you!

I’ve got your back,