After I completed my certifications as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, certified mastery health and life coach I still felt… well, lost. What I learned about helping others transform their lives had very little to do with actually running and building a wellness practice. 

I *THOUGHT* I was going to learn how to actually build a nutritional and coaching practice. After all, I paid the BIG bucks for the extra Mastery training that they said would help me build a thriving practice with the income that would generate 6 figures and be able to create impact in the world. 

That didn’t happen. I was left thinking:
‣ Where do I even start? I had a huge toolbox but didn’t know what to use and when.  
‣ What’s my niche and who am I really serving? 
‣ How do I attract and find clients? 
‣ How much do I charge for my offers? 
‣ How do I make my offers YES PLEASE for clients? ‣ Do I coach 1-1 or groups? 
‣ How do enroll clients effectively and consistently without having to do those free 1 hour discovery sessions? 
‣ What online systems do I need to set up? 

I understand your struggle because I’ve been there too! 

I was determined to create an abundant wellness practice and thrive. I spent a lot time, $$$ and trial and error, and yet I felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to “do all the things.” 

It became clear that I needed support to simplify and focus on the things that actually created an income, and let go of the things that had me feeling frazzled, spinning and getting no where.

I needed a simple, repeatable and most importantly, heart centered way to build a 

 Without sacrificing my health, my integrity or my family. 


Profitable and Sustainable Business.

After so much time struggling, I was ecstatic that I finally found someone to guide me. Someone to teach me how to implement the systems my business needed and how to keep it simple, and what to focus on that actually WORKED. Which is why I knew I had to share it with women wellness coaches and holistic practitioners like you! 

I see you trying to decide how to put the pieces together on your own on how to build your coaching or wellness practice, with no real guidance in what the effective steps are to take and in what order. 

Instead of confidently creating success from being clear, focused and fully sourced, you take on more and try to DO more and end up even more depleted, confused and full of self-doubt. This puts your life and business in scarcity mode and the trajectory is more frustration, confusion and lack of income and clients. 

It’s not sustainable. 
Certainly not healthy. 
Not the model we want to give to the next generation.  

Instead of lone wolfing it, what would it feel like to be guided by someone who has been where you are and has come through it successfully. Someone who has over 3 decades in the wellness field, has a multi-6 figure practice and can guide you in both the mindset that creates success and the strategy that is simple,  repeatable and works.

How would it feel to have a proven system and strategy that is high touch, low tech and service oriented.  

Because that’s what you love to do.


The funnels, facebook ads, complicated strategy and high-tech are NOT necessary to build a thriving practice.

Keeping it simple helps you feel aligned with both your purpose and vision to create impact. Most importantly, you get to build your practice from a place of authenticity, integrity, being fully nourished and sourced without sacrificing yourself, your family and what matters to you most. 

Help people.

 It’s time to create a new possibility. 
 I’m ready to hold that space for you, sweet friend. 

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My favorite form of self-care is having quiet time in the morning, my monthly massage, a walk in the woods, and a semi-annual trip to the Well of Mercy for some recharging time to reconnect with myself, my higher power and to unplug.


Most people don’t know that I got married in Scotland. My favorite place I have visited is Scotland. I want to go back and see more of that beautiful country I missed the first time. Especially the Islands of Iona and Skye.


Cooking and having fun with my kids in the kitchen makes my heart sing.



fun facts about me

My husband and I LOVE to travel together and experience new places and foods, especially craft beers. I think I have a gypsy heart.

I love to work with my hands and get creative. Knitting, cooking, gardening. I’m a visionary at heart and love to see how I can create more beauty in my life and those around me. 


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