For impact driven, certified wellness coaches and holistic practitioners who want to stop chasing abundance, start attracting clients and grow a thriving heart centered 6-figure practice with simplicity and soul.

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As a soulful business and leadership coach, I help you create clarity and start taking authentic purposeful action. I help you turn your fears into leadership, your vision into your secret sauce, and your self-doubt into empowered action.

You don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS. You DO need a simple heart-centered strategy that you can put on repeat. One that allows you to serve and cultivate community and relationship that create impact without the cringy sales tactics. 

Most importantly, you get to build your practice from a place of authenticity, integrity, being fully nourished and sourced without sacrificing yourself, your family and what matters to you most. 

You TOO, can create abundance, freedom and flow and I’d love to show you how. 

Hi, I'm Chris!

“What I got was more than a program, I got an exceptional coach by hiring Chris as my coach who helped me see my value and called me out on the stories I was telling myself of why taking action would either bring failure or success. I also gained a tribe of powerful women who help and encourage each other to keep going in the direction our goals are. These women are now part of my circle of friends that will forever be with me on my journey as a coach.”

-Shari Biery

“I continue to learn from everything she teaches in this group and from our calls that I can’t wait to put them into action or set goals around them. Chris thank you, you’re amazing and I love all the opportunities you have provided to help advance me as I lean into my fear of stepping outside my comfort zone.”

-Trish McGrady

Cash Infusion Bootcamp

1:1 VIP Soulful Abundance Intensive

Let's Work Together

In this 1:1 intensive, we’ll dive deep to meet the soul of your work and the essence of YOU to create the strategy that serves your clients and your heart.

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Inject immediate cash into your wellness business.
LIVE 4-Week Income Accelerator to create quick cash-flow in your wellness business, and all the impact that goes with it.

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Activate Abundance™ Business Accelerator Program

A Business Accelerator Program Supporting Wellness Coaches and Holistic Practitioners Grow A Thriving And Heart-Centered 6-Figure (And Beyond) Wellness Coaching Practice.

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The Daily Alignment Practice
for more Abundance in 2022

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Daily Alignment Practice for MORE Abundance, Wealth and Joy in 2022

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