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Heart Centered

Ever wonder what it takes to become a heart centered, go-to leader in your industry?

Especially when there is quite a bit of worldly and economic shakiness?


One of my past clients, Jessica Fox has stepped up in such a massive way recently.

In March she hit her first ever 10K month using my Abundance Basics Framework that I teach inside the Activate Abundance Business Accelerator program.

She embodied compassion and leadership for her work from home mama’s and implemented a repeatable and heart-centered marketing and sales process that allowed her to show up and serve from the highest version of herself.

No hard selling, No convincing, No persuading, No dragging anyone across the finish line and NO Free discovery sessions.

She simply showed up and focused on the things that matter. PEOPLE.

And the result is a 5-figure payday.

PLUS, she now has the confidence and knows that she can show up and serve, and that a heart centered sales system really does work. Not only that, but having a SIMPLE process is key. It keeps her focused, and doubling down on what really moves the needle forward so she can serve in the most powerful way possible.

And all of this right in the middle of one of the most uncertain times in our history as a country (and world).​​

Last night in my Facebook Live, I share the things to focus on to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Starting now, you can basically eliminate 80% of what you THINK you should be doing, and take action on the 20% that amplify’s BOTH the IMPACT you bring to the world and the INCOME that comes from generously serving clients. ​

If you missed it, you can still catch the replay HERE in the Facebook group.

And if you want to learn the same Abundance Basics Framework I teach and my clients implement, you can register for the Activate Abundance, Accelerate your wellness practice with HEART.

Its a FREE 9 day Masterclass.

I could easily turn this into a $1000 course, but I’m keeping it FREE because I want you to have the tools to create that big IMPACT the world needs right now and keep you out of overwhelm so you can enjoy the process and have a thriving wellness practice.

You can join in HERE——>>>>>https://shine-wellness.ck.page/fb04588137

See you on the inside sister! <3 




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