Are you overthinking things? •

Are you overthinking things?

Are you overcomplicating and overthinking and spiraling into overwhelm?

One of the biggest areas I see in the coaching world is women wellness entrepreneurs OVERCOMPLICATING things.

YOUR MAIN FOCUS is building your audience and keeping it simple.

KISS = Keep It Simple Sister

When you start over thinking and start chasing bright objects, you get confused. STOP

There is NOT a magic bullet out there.


Showing up consistently, repeatedly and with heart. Reaching out personally and making people your priority.

You do this by creating posts in FB, in your email list- or other areas in social media.

THEN YOU FOLLOW UP. Make people your priority.

Comment on each comment someone makes in your post.

Reach out to people.

Have real conversations with people.

Invite them to your nurture events.

Invite them to your group.

Invite to serve them.

It is THIS SIMPLE. I PROMISE. You are taking yourselves out of the game if you making it any more complicated.

Build your audience, nurture your audience, invite your audience to work with you.

Let go of making it hard. Let go of needing it perfect. Just show up and serve.

If you want some support around how you can simplify your focus to amplify your results, grab your Activate Abundance Assessment today.

You don’t need to spend anymore time spinning your wheels or trying to re-create it either. 

This is your opportunity to have support around identifying 3 things. We will Keep it SIMPLE.

1) What are the life and business strategies that are working for you now, and how you can up level those pieces to create more wealth in your business, time freedom in your calendar and step into the lifestyle you desire while reaching your goals.

2) Identify what is in your way, how you might be blocking abundance, overcomplicating the process and what may be predictable to stop you as you grow your heart centered practice.

3) Map out your next best SIMPLE strategies for you to take to KISS (keep it simple sister) so you can generate BOTH impact in the world and abundance in your bank account.

Let’s simplify your strategy to amplify abundance. Together.