6 mistakes costing you READY- YES clients •

6 mistakes costing you READY- YES clients


If you find that you are frequently having conversations with potential clients that don’t end with a “YES- I am all in!” from an excited and committed client- then you might be making one of these 5 mistakes. And its NOT about CLOSING the sale. 

You thought you had great rapport and connection, and you don’t understand why they said “I need to think about it”, or “I can’t right now”, or “my partner says now is not a good time”? You wonder- what did I do wrong?

I see this com up a lot with my clients and it leaves them feeling doubtful in their abilities and costs them sales and clients.

But here is the thing my friend, this is not just about you.  It’s also about the cost to the client and what she will be missing out on. When you have a conversation with someone and it ends with a “No” instead of a “YES”, it’s costing THEM the lack of optimal health, keeping them in chronic pain, falling back into old patterns that they can’t see, staying in the overwhelm, burn out or lack of confidence that they SAY they want instead. 

When they say NO- they stay on “Pain Island” with no way out to the transformational results that you offer. 


Many of my clients *THINK* they just need more leads, or get better at overcoming objections. But there is something that actually must come FIRST. 

In fact, you might be making one of these mistakes below while attempting to use a traditional sales script that doesn’t even feel natural or authentic to you.  

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that I see heart-centered women wellness entrepreneurs make:

1.  Making it all about YOU! 

When I shifted from making it all about ME to actually being how could I really be of service to my client and help her WIN, I quantum leaped in my business. 

Here’s how this might go: You are really excited about the conversation, you know you can help her, but then you begin to think “what if they think I’m priced too high.” What if I sound too pushy or sales-y if I invite them to work with me?” I want her to like ME, so I’ll just not make an offer until she ask ME. 

This has everything to do with YOU and nothing to do with how you can actually help her off of pain island. 

But what if you actually made it about HER? 

Thanks so much for letting me know that you would really like to be experiencing X,Y,Z result, instead of ______________. Would it be ok if I share with you some ways I think I could help you have that?  Share with her how she could get her results, by inviting her into an offer or two that would be a good fit for her. Then just ask her- what level of support would feel is the best for you? 

You can keep it really heart-centered and simple. But if you don’t ask, because you are afraid of what she will think about YOU- then you are not being a stand for your client and the results she desires. Instead, you are abandoning her on pain island. 

2.  Letting the client lead the conversation

If you allow the client to lead the conversation then your opportunity to enroll a client is lost from the very beginning.  There are a couple of reasons for this.   First, your client is looking to you as the expert. They don’t need to be convinced into buying a program. They want to see you as the LEADER and know you have their best interest at heart. Which means you get to guide them with your expertise, to help them see how they can gain their results, before you even talk about price. 

Far better that you take the lead from the beginning so that you can demonstrate your expertise and guide them through a conversation that allows you to fully communicate the value of the work that you do – before you talk about the price.

Before she can say yes to investing with you, she FIRST needs to be invested in herself and see that the results she desire is possible for her and that she wants them. This means you guiding her up the ladder of belief BEFORE you even invite her to work with you. 

3.  Thinking you have to be a top notch SALES PERSON.

The only mistake you might be making is the mistake of not being authentically yourself.   To have a really effective enrollment conversations all you need to do is connect authentically from the heart with your potential client.  One of the reasons that so many people are uncomfortable with sales is because they believe they need to convince or persuade someone to work with them. You don’t. You just get to be the fabulous YOU that you are and let them know you are stand for what it is they desire. 

4.  Letting the conversation end at “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it”. 

If someone really doesn’t want to the results you provide, they will be a clear no. The I need to think about it, or the I can’t afford it is actually just a pre-programmed response to being afraid of making a decision or not believing in her own capability of having the results she wants. Instead of abandoning her here, walk her through the fear and help her see that she actually has choices. Instead of letting the fear guide her decision, how can you help her see a way out. Ask her if you can support her in figuring out how she CAN have her result. We all have $$$ for what we value, or we will find a way to get $$ for what we want. Just take a look a back on your own life. When you really want something- you can always find a way to get it. so be a stand for her possibility and walk with her to what that might look like. 

5.  Not asking for a decision and just waiting for the THEM to get back to you.

The intention in a conversation is for your client to make an EMPOWERED YES or NO at the end of the call. Empowered being key. So many heart-centered coaches and wellness practitioners are so worried to not come across as pushy that they do the opposite – which doesn’t serve anyone. This includes not asking clearly if your potential client wants to go ahead.

People naturally tend to resist change – even positive change – and so even if your client has already made up their mind and is mentally thinking “oh, this sounds great, it’s just what I need, I think I’m actually going to do it” they still need you to ask them directly. Something as simple as, does this sound like something you would like support with now? if you don’t ask them directly they probably won’t say anything. So ask, and then ask how they would like to pay and set up the first session.  This is one of those strange things about human psychology. People actually WANT to be guided in their decision and be told what to do next. 

6. Not Believing in your own desire to create the impact and income that changes (Y)our world. 

The #1 place see my coaches and clients sabotaging their progress is thinking there is some magic bullet, strategy or something they just don’t have. The strategy is in he BELIEF. Your belief must match your desire. When you fully believe in the potential and the possibility to enroll a client, the HOW becomes illuminated. 

Action becomes inspired action, instead of trying to piece together a strategy based on self-doubt. No strategy will work when trying it from a place of doubt. 

So simply believe and go do it. Be a stand for your client to get her results. Have a conversation TODAY where you confidently stand for someone instead of running an inner dialogue that’s all about you.

You’ve got this sister.