Why It's easier to sell a $3,000 offer than a $97 offer •

Why It’s easier to sell a $3,000 offer than a $97 offer

A $3,000 offer is so much easier to sell than a $97 offer. 

Here’s the reality of trying to create a 10K month with a $97 offer. 

In order to create $10,000 in sales with a $97 offer you need to sell 103. 

So let’s do the numbers for how you are actually going to get 103 sales. Even with a 5%  conversion rate(which is above average for email), that means you need to get your offer in front of 2,200, who actually see it. 

This means you need to send it out to 10,000 people in order to have 20% of people open it. (The average open rate) . Do you have that many people on your email list? 

If not, how are you going to sell your 103 $97 offers?

And do you even know that all 10,000 people are even your ideal client? 

Now let’s take do the numbers for a $3,000 offer. In order to create a $10,000 month you need to sell 3.3. 

Sticking with the same 5% conversion rate for email, that means you need to get your offer in front of 70 people. 

Taking the email open rate into play of 20%, that means you need to have a list of 350. 

Which sounds easier to you? 

Chances are if you are just starting out, you don’t have an email list of 10,000 people. 

But you can certainly grow an email list of 350 pretty quickly. Especially when you know who your ideal client is and you have a juicy offer that your clients love. 

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