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For Health Coaches and Wellness Practitioners ready for abundance...

Introducing Launch Well

Everything You Need To Grow A Thriving Wellness Business

The Step-By-Step System To Create, Fill, And Run Your Own Profitable Wellness Program in 12 Weeks or Less!

(Even if you’ve never launched before)

“This has catapulted me into the next phase of my life!” Enjoy!- MP

“I’ve enrolled 2 new clients into my 1:1 health coaching program and I am turning my fear of technology into the desire to learn.” -JV

“In my first month working with Chris, I had my first $10k month. Within my first quarter, that’s 3 months, I brought in $27,000. That was more than my salary in my previous career.” -JF

Are you:

  • Struggling to figure out how to market yourself and fill your programs?
  • Tired of hustling for your next client, knowing you have so much value to give?
  • Unsure of how to design and launch a group wellness program to reach more people?
  • Overwhelmed by marketing, tech, and everything it takes to grow a business?
  • Tired of feeling like you are on your own and craving REAL support?

Would you LOVE to:

  • Reach more people, have a bigger impact, and get paid MORE to do your work
  • Collaborate with doctors and health care providers to have referrals COME TO YOU
  • Have EVERYTHING done-for-you so you can simply show up and serve your clients
  • Create LASTING results for your clients with a PROVEN wellness system
  • Rinse and repeat a process that WORKS again and again… CONSISTENTLY!

Imagine turning your passion for wellness into a profitable business so you can…

…Take a vacation

…Pay down debt

…Quit your ‘other’ job

…Contribute to the financial security of your family

AND help more people, change more lives, and serve on a higher-level.

LAUNCH WELL is the COMPLETE SYSTEM to creating a THRIVING wellness business.

With Launch Well, you’ll get instant access to:

PLUS! You’ll be fully supported by myself and the entire Launch Well community every step of the way.

You’ll never feel alone to ‘figure it out’ again. We’ve got answers for you.

Launch WELL is NOT for you if you:

But! If you are ready to create a thriving health and wellness...

This ‘business-in-a-box’ is proven to create results. Through our heart-centered approach, you’ll learn to fill your programs without tricks or gimmicks. Instead, you’ll learn to nurture potential clients and collaborate with doctors. Best of all, all the prep work has been done for you. 

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“I’m going through the Guidebook for each week for Launch Well and can I just say it is absolutely beautiful, easy to read and follow. Thank you for providing this incredible resource for us to use!” -TK


“Chris has a way of holding you accountable and believing yourself that is inspiring and encouraging. She has helped me get out of my own way when I felt scared that I couldn’t do it and really be successful at coaching. Because of her support I have made several referral partnerships who use my services as a value added incentive to their clients. Just this week they asked me for 100 sessions to give to their clients. I feel clear, focused and have a strategy that feels authentic and aligned with how I want to serve my clients.” N.T- Health Coach

Expert Support

Tried And True System

Done-For-You Materials

Meet Your Expert Support...

Hi, I’m Chris!

I have helped women just like you fulfill their dream of running a thriving wellness business. Unfortunately, most health coaches and wellness practitioners struggle to get their businesses off the ground. In fact, 90% of health coaches never reach 6-figures. What’s worse is that there are SO MANY people out there that need support living a healthier life.

That’s why I created Launch Well. It fills the gap between the people that need help and those of us longing to serve more clients. Doctors simply don’t have the time to give patients the attention they need to create LASTING results. So, we need more health coaches who know how to get out and SERVE MORE PEOPLE.

But it can be so gosh darn confusing! Most schools and certifications don’t teach us how to run or market our business.

My first year in business I served ONE client. ONE. It wasn’t anywhere close to the impact or income I wanted to create. I knew there had to be a BETTER WAY.

The Launch Well system is what took me from struggling to running a 6-figure health coaching business without burnout, hustle, or icky sales calls! It’s the system that has helped hundreds of my students fulfill their dreams of running a successful business, serving more people, and contributing to their family. 

Launch Well is a tried and true system for creating a THRIVING wellness business. With done-for-you curriculum, handouts, and marketing materials, it gives you everything you need. 

No more guesswork. No more ‘figuring it out’ alone. No more struggling.

The future of your wellness practice has never been more secure or simple.

“Christine is AWESOME to work with!”- CG

“She really believes in everyone that she coaches. She lifts people up and is sincere and heart centered.  It’s really important to know that Chris encourages clients to define success the way THEY want to define it and then she offers the support and accountability to get you there.” -JV

Go Farther, Faster With Launch Well


Fearful to Leader 

Self-doubt to Empowered Action 

Exhausted to Energized

Your Future is Waiting...

Inside Launch Well, you’ll:

What do you have to gain?

Total Value = $18,873

But wait…

That’s not all.

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Total Value With Limited Time Bonuses

= $21,855

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1 Payment of $1997

3 Payments of $800

This is so doable!” – Shari Biery

A peek inside Launch Well…

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all 12 modules inside your exclusive member’s portal!

Module 1: Clarity

Get crystal clear on your goals.
Set up your entire year, understand your ideal client and niche and clarify your marketing message. Build a strong foundation for everything to come!

Module 2: Deep Dive into Health

Learn how to set your clients up for success with a deep dive into health!
This is where you delve into the amazing six week holistic program I designed for you to use with all of your clients.
This is a done-for-you wellness business!

Module 3: Digestion

Learn how to teach your clients about their digestive system and get the tools to help them understand how their digestive system impacts their health.

Module 4: Blood Sugar + Stress

Get the keys to helping your clients balance their sugars and life stressors for optimum wellness.

Module 5: Healthy Fats + Quality Sleep

Everything you need to teach your clients the principles of eating healthy and getting enough sleep to repair and reset mind and body.

Module 6: Reintroduction + Rhythm

Discover creative ways to support your clients as they bring eliminated foods back into their lives and help them set their daily life goals.

Module 7: The Abundant Mindset + Going Forward

Unlock the tools to help your clients rewire their mind for positivity and to maintain good habits for life!.

Module 8: Launching Your Program

Now that you’ve experienced your NEW 6-week program first hand, it’s time to share it with clients. Learn the foundations to building your business and launching your program. No need to reinvent the wheel, personalize and promote the program you just learned!

Module 9: Creating a Nurture Event + Systems

Learn how to use Facebook groups to reach more people and enroll more clients at a time with nurture webinars everyone will want to attend. Put easy to use systems into place for repeated success with each launch. Take care of the warm leads and turn them into paid clients!

Week 10: Creating a 90 Day Nurture Plan + Collabs

Grow, grow, grow that book of business and fill it, organically. Get the exact plans with done-for-you forms ready to use for your clients. Learn how to begin leveraging your successes by collaborating with others to grow even faster!

Week 11: Selling Your Framework

Use these simple formulas to sell your program again and again and then take it to the next level: start to coach and sell your own framework as a course just like mine. You have a complete online business that makes money while you sleep!

Week 12: Launch Time!

Get everything you need to know for a successful launch: done-for-you templates and my support with a LIVE Q + A Session to prepare you to sell out your online course and begin making that passive income you dreamed of. Get ready to make more money without having to do extra work. Employ your entire business-in-a-box assets here!

Plus! You’ll get a healthy foods cookbook, editable flyers, pre-written marketing tools, 1-1 guidance, an entire community of support, and MORE!

Launch Well is Your Complete Roadmap To An Abundant Wellness Business!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! If you have been wanting to start a wellness or holistic business or are already working in a practice, these methods will bring you success.

Absolutely. There is specific information teaching you how to take your business online. You can work either way you choose and we give you all the tools you need for both.

My methods have a proven track record with myself and past clients. If you are willing to put in a little bit of work, you’ll have everything you need to build a thriving business. Launch Well has a 100% past success rate!

You can dedicate the time you need to this however you want and you have access to everything in the program for life and 12 weeks of live support. My recommendation is to put in the 2-3 hours per week now while you are ready and have the momentum to make the biggest changes. Ready to hit the ground running? You can finish faster, too.

Ultimately, that’s up to you. You get to choose to use the tools and lessons you get inside of Launch Well. However, you will receive EVERYTHING you need to make back your investment (plus more!) Most students make back their investment after running their first group program or signing 1-2 private clients. Inside Launch Well, you’ll learn how to package and price your offer to bring more abundance into your life!

Again, that’s up for you to decide. Are you a health coach or wellness practitioner with a desire to grow your business? Or are you passionate about wellness and wanting to turn it into a career? Would you like a proven path to help your clients? Do you want to package and price programs for abundance? Do you have a desire to serve more people and launch group programs? Are you ready to expand your income and impact? To serve more people and be rewarded for your contribution to this world? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, Launch Well is for you!

“Before working with Chris, I was feeling like there was so much I wanted to do and so much information to assimilate that was keeping me in a “frozen” state.  Working with Christine is giving me the opportunity to learn how to step back and see my goals as specific and measurable.  I am finding it much easier to move out of overwhelm and into action.”  

“I enjoy the way she keeps me on track and focused on moving forward, celebrating every win and asking me to commit to goals that are attainable, yet feel like a bit of a stretch.  She gives me concrete examples, shares her knowledge and offers support in a variety of ways.”

You Abundant Future Awaits…

Inside Launch Well, You’ll Receive:

Total Value = $18,873

But wait…

That’s not all.

Join TODAY and get these EARLY BIRD BONUSES!

Total Value With Limited Time Bonuses

= $21,855

You can join TODAY for only

1 Payment of $1997

3 Payments of $800