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How to STOP spinning and step into abundance

✨Life is too short to spend time doing things that feel out of alignment with who you are as a wellness entrepreneur who really care about people.


🧐I see so many coaches and practitioners doing 1 of 2 things that leave them feeling defeated. 😔
1) They are being taught to book “Discovery Sessions” to get a client. It feels inauthentic and salesy because it is. 😫
The intention is to sell a client on you and your 90-day transformation program. So you hustle to book those sessions and then either they ghost you (because they know they are going to be sold to) or they tell you they can’t afford it, need to think about it, or just don’t have the time. UGHHH
😤 It’s enough to make ANYONE wonder if they can really make it as a coach.
2) They throw spaghetti at the wall trying to see what sticks from the many tools in their toolbox that they learned to get their coaching certification.
🥺 They spin and are not sure what tool to focus on when. How to use it. And most importantly, what tool to use at the right time in their business.
😞 So they try and get marginal results copying what they see other coaches doing who seem to have success. (But they still don’t know what, why, how or if they are focused on the right things at the right time)
✳️ Listen- it’s not your fault if you see yourself in these scenarios. A coaching school is to teach you how to coach. NOT BUILD A BUSINESS. There is a difference.
👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻You can be the best health coach or life coach or nutritionist out there, but if you are not clear on how to attract your ideal client in a way the feels aligned and authentic to you- you won’t be in business very long. Or it will just stay and expensive hobby.
🙋🏻‍♀️ How do I know? I was just like you and did both those things above too. It what I was taught. I didn’t know anything different.
💃💃🚀 Until I learned a better way. A way to build relationships and SERVE my potential clients first. To give generously and create wins and value for my community that made working with me the natural next step.
🙌🏻🙌🏻 AND HALLELUJAH, NO DISCOVERY SESSIONS. No sales calls. No slimy sales tactics. No trying to sell, convince or persuade anyone to work with me. 🌟
💥💥💥And my practice QUADRUPLED each year.
💜💜Now I’m teaching this to other heart centered wellness entrepreneurs. So they too can build a practice with a service first, authentic, organic (no paid ads) and low tech way to create impact for others and be well paid for sharing your services. 💰💰
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💎💎 It’s packed with Golden nuggets and action steps to help you create quick wins and breakthroughs to set you up for amazing success in 2021. You can even finish out 2020 with a bang using these SIMPLE steps.
See you on the inside sister. 🙋🏻‍♀️

6 Simple Steps To Create A Heart-Centered Community Of Soulmate Clients Using FB groups

Hey Sister ~

One of the questions I hear from my clients *a lot* is how to cultivate a heart centered community in FB groups and if it’s really an effective way to grow a thriving heart-centered practice. 

I LOVE community. Being around other heart-centered and soulful women who are learning, growing and creating impact in the world authentically has always inspired me. As a matter of fact, I have always been part of a “tribe” of sisters. 

When I was raising my kids, we had a group of friends who we loving called “sistermama’s”. We worked together to raise out kids, participate in a organic co-op and have “blessingways” for each new sweet soul that was born. We cried with each other, cooked for each other and just did life. Even though my kids are grown now, they are still in my heart and we meet when we can to now share about our adult children and growing older. (we went from nursing our babies to going through menopause together)

It’s special. It’s important. It’s connection. And It’s how I decided to build and run my coaching business too. 

We all need and long for connection. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s why groups are so impactful. 

And I want to share with you how I have served and nurtured people in my own community and in groups that allows people to reach out to me and ask to work with me. 

Just like any other client attraction strategy, you need to figure out which one feels in flow and aligned for you, so I’ve included some questions to help you decide if this approach is right for you! 

  1. I love giving thoughtful teaching that’s relevant to the individual’s specific problem. I like helping someone with a real need and feeling like I’m connecting with a person rather than trying to book someone into a sales call or discovery session. Question: do you enjoy teaching and seeing the impact you can make with someone?

  1. I am more of an expert in coaching and habit change than in sales. I love helping, sharing my knowledge and giving advice in my area of expertise more than I love having a sales conversation. Question: do you enjoy serving more than selling?

  2. I am willing to put in the time to build relationships. You see, building relationships from FB groups is not a short term strategy – you won’t make or reply to one post and have people whipping out their credit cards to work with you. (It’s possible- but in reality, that will be an exception. Only 3% of your community is ready to invest now). The real power of community is that you build a reputation and know, like, trust over time. You establish yourself as the leader and authority in your field. When potential clients come to me, they’ve already had an experience of me in a free training or a nurture event, or we have connected in some other group and I’ve just been a real person.  Question: Are you willing to play the short and the long game of building relationships?

  1. Do you like to collaborate with your peers and lift each other up. Yes, I build powerful connections from my personal facebook group. But, I also show up to serve in other communities and invite experts to share their zone of genius in my group and create win-wins for everyone. Collaborating with other peers an influencers that serve your ideal client in a different way than you do, opened you up to new communities and opportunities to serve and create visibility that just staying in your FB group. Question: Are you open to collaborating with others to create a Win-Win?

If your answer was *YES* to any the above questions, I’d love to share these 6 simple tips with you and help you get started. 

  1. Start your own Facebook GROUP that serves your ONE ideal client is. When I say ideal client, I don’t mean 5 ideal clients, but that ONE ideal client you most want to serve. Your Facebook group is not for ALL your friends, your parents, cousins and siblings. It’s not even for all your coaching friends. It’s for the ONE ideal client that you can most help. 

  2. Start sharing valuable and relevant content + tips that help your ideal client overcome a specific challenge or pain point.  This can be by doing a weekly Facebook live or sharing a free PDF or even a post that speaks into a single pain point and an action step for them to take. Be sure to ask them to comment, or let you know if this resonates for them. People want to engage, but they need to be invited and guided to do so.

  1. Guide the engagement in your group. You’re the hostess of the party. It’s your job to create the engagement in your group. Show up consistently. Respond to people posts and questions. Share some fun stuff and get to know your community. The more you engage with them, the more they will engage with you. 

  1. Be a real person, not a sales-y weirdo. When someone engages with my content or trainings and I can see there might be an opportunity for me to help them, I connect just to connect. I don’t instantly PM them ask them to jump on a call with me. Instead, I might offer some additional advice in a reply, or mention how one of my clients had a similar situation and how I helped them solve it. Or if I have a free training coming up, I ask them if they are interested in me sharing the link if they feel like it would serve them. Always ask permission. No one likes to be spammed with a link to join something that they don’t anything about. I delete anyone who does this to me from my friends list and I remover anyone from my group who just posts sales links. 

  1. I don’t offer free coaching advice that pertains to someones business in private messages. People sometimes message me, and ask me for specific advise as to HOW to do something in their own business. I love helping. But what I found is that I don’t have enough information about someone’s business to truly guide them. And I reserve that type of guidance for my paying clients that I know their business, their clients and the history so I can guide them ethically and with integrity. I’m happy to give simple tips, but its easy to become drained giving free advise that might not actually help someone. Instead, If they ask me specific questions that are out of the realm of general information, I’ll offer to support them in a clarity call to see which one of my programs or offers would be the best fit for them, so I can carve out time for them and really help them in the best way possible. Your time is precious. It critical to have healthy boundaries here. 

  1. Have fun. Seriously, let it be an easy thing. It’s doesn’t have to be wonky. Just have fun with it! See it as fun experiment that allows you to learn from your ideal client and see them in the way they most need to help them get their result. Connect to connect and before you know it, you will be attracting your next ready YES client and it will feel heart-centered, aligned and easy.

If you have any questions feel free to join me in my Facebook group and TAG me. I’m happy to answer any questions on how you can cultivate community and grow a highly engaged Facebook group that turns into paying clients.

6 mistakes costing you READY- YES clients


If you find that you are frequently having conversations with potential clients that don’t end with a “YES- I am all in!” from an excited and committed client- then you might be making one of these 5 mistakes. And its NOT about CLOSING the sale. 

You thought you had great rapport and connection, and you don’t understand why they said “I need to think about it”, or “I can’t right now”, or “my partner says now is not a good time”? You wonder- what did I do wrong?

I see this com up a lot with my clients and it leaves them feeling doubtful in their abilities and costs them sales and clients.

But here is the thing my friend, this is not just about you.  It’s also about the cost to the client and what she will be missing out on. When you have a conversation with someone and it ends with a “No” instead of a “YES”, it’s costing THEM the lack of optimal health, keeping them in chronic pain, falling back into old patterns that they can’t see, staying in the overwhelm, burn out or lack of confidence that they SAY they want instead. 

When they say NO- they stay on “Pain Island” with no way out to the transformational results that you offer. 


Many of my clients *THINK* they just need more leads, or get better at overcoming objections. But there is something that actually must come FIRST. 

In fact, you might be making one of these mistakes below while attempting to use a traditional sales script that doesn’t even feel natural or authentic to you.  

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that I see heart-centered women wellness entrepreneurs make:

1.  Making it all about YOU! 

When I shifted from making it all about ME to actually being how could I really be of service to my client and help her WIN, I quantum leaped in my business. 

Here’s how this might go: You are really excited about the conversation, you know you can help her, but then you begin to think “what if they think I’m priced too high.” What if I sound too pushy or sales-y if I invite them to work with me?” I want her to like ME, so I’ll just not make an offer until she ask ME. 

This has everything to do with YOU and nothing to do with how you can actually help her off of pain island. 

But what if you actually made it about HER? 

Thanks so much for letting me know that you would really like to be experiencing X,Y,Z result, instead of ______________. Would it be ok if I share with you some ways I think I could help you have that?  Share with her how she could get her results, by inviting her into an offer or two that would be a good fit for her. Then just ask her- what level of support would feel is the best for you? 

You can keep it really heart-centered and simple. But if you don’t ask, because you are afraid of what she will think about YOU- then you are not being a stand for your client and the results she desires. Instead, you are abandoning her on pain island. 

2.  Letting the client lead the conversation

If you allow the client to lead the conversation then your opportunity to enroll a client is lost from the very beginning.  There are a couple of reasons for this.   First, your client is looking to you as the expert. They don’t need to be convinced into buying a program. They want to see you as the LEADER and know you have their best interest at heart. Which means you get to guide them with your expertise, to help them see how they can gain their results, before you even talk about price. 

Far better that you take the lead from the beginning so that you can demonstrate your expertise and guide them through a conversation that allows you to fully communicate the value of the work that you do – before you talk about the price.

Before she can say yes to investing with you, she FIRST needs to be invested in herself and see that the results she desire is possible for her and that she wants them. This means you guiding her up the ladder of belief BEFORE you even invite her to work with you. 

3.  Thinking you have to be a top notch SALES PERSON.

The only mistake you might be making is the mistake of not being authentically yourself.   To have a really effective enrollment conversations all you need to do is connect authentically from the heart with your potential client.  One of the reasons that so many people are uncomfortable with sales is because they believe they need to convince or persuade someone to work with them. You don’t. You just get to be the fabulous YOU that you are and let them know you are stand for what it is they desire. 

4.  Letting the conversation end at “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it”. 

If someone really doesn’t want to the results you provide, they will be a clear no. The I need to think about it, or the I can’t afford it is actually just a pre-programmed response to being afraid of making a decision or not believing in her own capability of having the results she wants. Instead of abandoning her here, walk her through the fear and help her see that she actually has choices. Instead of letting the fear guide her decision, how can you help her see a way out. Ask her if you can support her in figuring out how she CAN have her result. We all have $$$ for what we value, or we will find a way to get $$ for what we want. Just take a look a back on your own life. When you really want something- you can always find a way to get it. so be a stand for her possibility and walk with her to what that might look like. 

5.  Not asking for a decision and just waiting for the THEM to get back to you.

The intention in a conversation is for your client to make an EMPOWERED YES or NO at the end of the call. Empowered being key. So many heart-centered coaches and wellness practitioners are so worried to not come across as pushy that they do the opposite – which doesn’t serve anyone. This includes not asking clearly if your potential client wants to go ahead.

People naturally tend to resist change – even positive change – and so even if your client has already made up their mind and is mentally thinking “oh, this sounds great, it’s just what I need, I think I’m actually going to do it” they still need you to ask them directly. Something as simple as, does this sound like something you would like support with now? if you don’t ask them directly they probably won’t say anything. So ask, and then ask how they would like to pay and set up the first session.  This is one of those strange things about human psychology. People actually WANT to be guided in their decision and be told what to do next. 

6. Not Believing in your own desire to create the impact and income that changes (Y)our world. 

The #1 place see my coaches and clients sabotaging their progress is thinking there is some magic bullet, strategy or something they just don’t have. The strategy is in he BELIEF. Your belief must match your desire. When you fully believe in the potential and the possibility to enroll a client, the HOW becomes illuminated. 

Action becomes inspired action, instead of trying to piece together a strategy based on self-doubt. No strategy will work when trying it from a place of doubt. 

So simply believe and go do it. Be a stand for your client to get her results. Have a conversation TODAY where you confidently stand for someone instead of running an inner dialogue that’s all about you.

You’ve got this sister. 

Are you wearing the badge of busy?

Are you wearing the “badge of busy?”


Monday evening I had the privilege of teaching women wellness entrepreneurs how to add more WHITESPACE to their calendar so they can AMPLIFY their impact doing what they love by serving others and their family while adding abundance to their bank account. WITHOUT sacrificing themself in the process.


As women wellness entrepreneurs we wear many hats, and most of us are solopreneurs too. We not only work to build our practices, but we are devoted to serving our clients and still take care of our families. Yet rarely is there any fun or whitespace on the calendar that allows those creative ideas I like to call DIVINE DOWNLOADS.


Instead I hear my clients talk about how how they are feeling constantly confused, overwhelmed, tense, stressed and wanting more FREEDOM of their time while having consistent income.




When I first started building my practice, I rarely took breaks and thought that I had to work HARD in order to have a thriving practice. I would wake up and immediately check my email, hop on Facebook and my day was off and running full speed. Sometimes I didn’t even stop for meals. I just kept pushing through. By the end of the day I was cranky, tense and still didn’t feel like I got IT. ALL. DONE.


I remember one day talking to my coach, and she said Chris, you’re starting to show the signs of BURNOUT. It was getting harder and harder for me to be excited about working with my clients and I felt guilty when I took time off and when I was working, I felt guilty that I wasn’t spending more time with my family.


That’s when I decided to be a Time Bender. I began to research how to leverage my time and amplify the impact I wanted to make in the world, WHILE being fully sourced. Instead of working SO HARD, I decided to simplify and design a life I wanted to live FIRST. I gave myself permission to get clear about what I was a YES for and what conditions I most needed to thrive. I made some changes in my business model and added in MORE DOWNTIME and my business started to make a quantum leap.


Here’s what I did:

  • I created a list of my conditions to thrive and booked those on my calendar FIRST.

  • I invested in my own up level by working with a coach that taught me a system that made things simple.

  • I added some fun into my calendar each day, each week, each month, each quarter and something big each year.

  • I restructured my programs and clients so that I have the last week OFF of each month. I used this time to rest, catch up on my own personal growth, and tie up any loose ends.

  • Each quarter, I take a 3 day retreat ALONE to allow my body to reconnect to my source, spend time dreaming, creating, writing and filling my cup.

  • I made every Monday an admin day so that I had focused time to create content, plan and do any admin stuff that needed to be handled.

  • Every Friday is a 1/2 day to deal with finances.


I keep my business SIMPLE with a repeatable heart centered plan that allows me to have ONE ideal client I serve really well, ONE marketing system, ONE heart centered sales system, ONE signature framework, ONE message and ONE focus at any given time.


I am so glad I made these changes, because it has allowed me to lean into what I am most aligned with and design it in a way that works for what I want out of life.


I don’t make excuses. I follow through on what I commit to. I stopped comparing myself to other coaches and their practices, I surround myself with a community of other empowered feminine leaders and I go ALL IN and play til the end.


I choose each day to align to the BEST version of me that I can be and flow through the day with a rhythm that works, instead of a rigid schedule.




If you are ready to step into flow and rhythm and build a thriving wellness practice without hustling for clients, burning out, complicated tech and want a heart centered way to connect with your clients and cultivate community, I am inviting you to join me for my upcoming 9 day masterclass, GROW A THRIVING WELLNESS PRACTICE.


I’m teaching my signature Abundance Basics Blueprint for FREE.


I’d love to have you as my guest.


Just RSVP here>>>


Are you overthinking things?

Are you overcomplicating and overthinking and spiraling into overwhelm?

One of the biggest areas I see in the coaching world is women wellness entrepreneurs OVERCOMPLICATING things.

YOUR MAIN FOCUS is building your audience and keeping it simple.

KISS = Keep It Simple Sister

When you start over thinking and start chasing bright objects, you get confused. STOP

There is NOT a magic bullet out there.


Showing up consistently, repeatedly and with heart. Reaching out personally and making people your priority.

You do this by creating posts in FB, in your email list- or other areas in social media.

THEN YOU FOLLOW UP. Make people your priority.

Comment on each comment someone makes in your post.

Reach out to people.

Have real conversations with people.

Invite them to your nurture events.

Invite them to your group.

Invite to serve them.

It is THIS SIMPLE. I PROMISE. You are taking yourselves out of the game if you making it any more complicated.

Build your audience, nurture your audience, invite your audience to work with you.

Let go of making it hard. Let go of needing it perfect. Just show up and serve.

If you want some support around how you can simplify your focus to amplify your results, grab your Activate Abundance Assessment today.

You don’t need to spend anymore time spinning your wheels or trying to re-create it either. 

This is your opportunity to have support around identifying 3 things. We will Keep it SIMPLE.

1) What are the life and business strategies that are working for you now, and how you can up level those pieces to create more wealth in your business, time freedom in your calendar and step into the lifestyle you desire while reaching your goals.

2) Identify what is in your way, how you might be blocking abundance, overcomplicating the process and what may be predictable to stop you as you grow your heart centered practice.

3) Map out your next best SIMPLE strategies for you to take to KISS (keep it simple sister) so you can generate BOTH impact in the world and abundance in your bank account.

Let’s simplify your strategy to amplify abundance. Together. 




Time to face the change…Ch-Ch-Change-e-es.

Remember the song? It was on my mind the past several days. Sometimes I wake up and I have song playing in my head, and this one seems quite appropriate for the times we are in. 

Like many families we have experienced some big changes.

I was just talking to my husband this morning about what he wanted to do in May since he has been furloughed from his job of 21 years. Instead of seeing this as a fearful and scary place, what new opportunities would he like to take on that would actually be fun.  He has been given a huge gift of time.

Often, we WISH for more time. Now we have it. So, what are you going to do with it that would feel really expansive? What would allow you to have an experience of freedom when faced with more time on your hands? 

I read a quote this morning, 

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. Things that we had postponed for too long, that were long-term, are now immediate and must be dealt with. [A] crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before.”

The Chinese symbol for crisis is the combination of danger+ opportunity. I love how that allows us to see any crisis as an opportunity its to grow, expand and step into unlimited possibilities that we have not seen before. This is a time where we GET TO choose to expand, or we shrink in fear. One way opens us up to joy, innovation and creativity, the other leads us into the dark hole of doubt, fear and scarcity. Either way, it is a choice. 

I’m curious, How will you use this crisis as an opportunity for growth and change?

What things that you had postponed for too long will you turn your attention to now?

What big step that you thought you couldn’t take before will you take now?

What an amazing opportunity we have NOW to take action and innovate that give us greater flow, freedom and possibility. I’m excited to see what lies ahead in creating a NEW normal. 


Heart Centered

Ever wonder what it takes to become a heart centered, go-to leader in your industry?

Especially when there is quite a bit of worldly and economic shakiness?


One of my past clients, Jessica Fox has stepped up in such a massive way recently.

In March she hit her first ever 10K month using my Abundance Basics Framework that I teach inside the Activate Abundance Business Accelerator program.

She embodied compassion and leadership for her work from home mama’s and implemented a repeatable and heart-centered marketing and sales process that allowed her to show up and serve from the highest version of herself.

No hard selling, No convincing, No persuading, No dragging anyone across the finish line and NO Free discovery sessions.

She simply showed up and focused on the things that matter. PEOPLE.

And the result is a 5-figure payday.

PLUS, she now has the confidence and knows that she can show up and serve, and that a heart centered sales system really does work. Not only that, but having a SIMPLE process is key. It keeps her focused, and doubling down on what really moves the needle forward so she can serve in the most powerful way possible.

And all of this right in the middle of one of the most uncertain times in our history as a country (and world).​​

Last night in my Facebook Live, I share the things to focus on to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Starting now, you can basically eliminate 80% of what you THINK you should be doing, and take action on the 20% that amplify’s BOTH the IMPACT you bring to the world and the INCOME that comes from generously serving clients. ​

If you missed it, you can still catch the replay HERE in the Facebook group.

And if you want to learn the same Abundance Basics Framework I teach and my clients implement, you can register for the Activate Abundance, Accelerate your wellness practice with HEART.

Its a FREE 9 day Masterclass.

I could easily turn this into a $1000 course, but I’m keeping it FREE because I want you to have the tools to create that big IMPACT the world needs right now and keep you out of overwhelm so you can enjoy the process and have a thriving wellness practice.

You can join in HERE——>>>>>

See you on the inside sister! <3 


Abundance Basics Blueprint

The 3 things I hear on a DAILY basis from coaches and holistic entrepreneurs are that they are:

1) Confused with how to get their practice off the ground 

2) They want to know where to find clients 

3) They want a simple system that allows them to SERVE and make income without the SALES tactics that make them feel inauthentic and slime- not to mention THEY DON’T WORK.

Your clients want REAL, ACCESSIBILITY, SERVICE, AUTHENTICITY, ATTENTION. Marketing tactics, 2 hour pre-recorded webinars, email funnels and complicated tech are NOT what people want or what help them enroll in your programs or offers.

There is a SIMPLE way to LAUNCH your practice and GROW to 6 figures and beyond (if you want to) without the confusion, complicated tech and overwhelm of being a solo-preneur. Whether you are just getting started or have been in business a few years, this system works. I’d love to have you join me!

Abundance Basics Blueprint: Nurture your audience, fill your programs and create income while making an impact.​


Join now for FREE to recieve access to a simple, organic, heart-centered system for coaches and holistic practitioners. Without the overwhelm, fancy funnels, FB ads, complicated tech or booking dicovery sessions. (Even if you are just getting started)


  • The FULL Abundance Basics Framework.

  • A SIMPLE, REPEATABLE method for launching and growing a thriving wellness practice, with structure and freedom, that won’t leave you burned out or hustling for clients

  • Position yourself as the go-to leader in your field and consistently fill your programs, courses and offers with a heart-centered, organic approach that allows you to “serve” instead of “sell”

  • How to grow and lead a highly engaged facbook community of loyal fans and ideal clients who keep coming back to you for more

  • How to create bite size offers that will increase the number of ideal clients who say YES to joining your programs…without having to book discovery sessions

  • FINALLY learn what the needle movers are in your business so you have clarity on what to focus on daily- without the overwhelm.

  • Join for FREE today and download your FREE workbook to use with the masterclass​. Link is in the Comments.

People are getting results right away, from just this free masterclass:

I enrolled a NEW 90-day client just from what I learned in this masterclass….

Chris is amazing and is the real thing. I have gotten more from her out of this workshop than what I have gotten out of paying for a business coach…I enrolled 5 new paying clients into my group program in 48 hours…

FINALLY I have the answers on what to focus on in my business in a way that feels like i’m serving instead of selling…PARTICIPANTS OF ABUNDANCE BASICS MASTERCLASS

It’s time my friend.

If you are just starting out or you have been in business for several years and still feel like you are spinning your wheels to create consistent income, THIS IS FOR YOU! 

To stop putting the groceries on your credit card, living in fear of how to pay off your debt, feeling overwhelmed with all the pieces of launching and growing a practice, feeling like you can’t create any traction even tho you are trying ALL THE THINGS. It can be simple. You don’t need to burn yourself out.

Let me show you how!  XOXOXOX

Kind Words

I have had the privilege of working with, inspiring and coaching 100’s of women across the U.S. and internationally. Nothing speaks volumes like sharing experiences in your own words, and so I’d love to share just a few of the experiences my clients have shared with me. 

I want to take a minute and acknowledge Chris. If you’ve had any time with Chris, you know what a fabulous person and coach she is! If not, you may be the person who is hanging back like I was when I first entered this group…… I decided a testimonial was needed to share with the group to tell you just how amazing, Christine Sahli Williams is as the creator of Abundant Women Wellnesspreneurs and the community she has created!

I joined Chris in the Launch Well September 2019 group thinking I was really looking for a program that I could offer to clients that would be a nice format with key points I learned in my training as a health and life coach. The Launch Well program far exceeded any expectations I had!

What I got was more than a program, I got an exceptional coach by hiring Chris as my coach who helped me see my value and called me out on the stories I was telling myself of why taking action would either bring failure or success. I also gained a tribe of powerful women who help and encourage each other to keep going in the direction our goals are. These women are now part of my circle of friends that will forever be with me on my journey as a coach.

Working with Chris as my coach and the community she has created has been a game changer for me and my business. After I graduated from HCI in June 2019, I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure that furthering my education was the right thing at that time. I was looking for help and support with some of the “simple” stuff. Chris has helped me move the needle and get me out of overwhelm and into action! I didn’t know the “how” but I knew where I wanted to be! Chris’ giving spirit and energy flows out to create a ripple in our lives that we then get to ripple out into our clients lives!

Chris helped me see my vision and get into action to create the map. The how’s really do come! I trust her so much that I enrolled in her Activate Abundance 2020 to continue being my coach pushing me to be the kind of coach and business I want to create. Put your trust in Chris as your coach and be a 100% yes for yourself and your business and you will move and achieve what you want! !

Shari Biery, Transformational health and life coach.


Or this video from my client Stacey:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Chris for all you have and continue to teach me. I wanted to create this testimony for others just like me to see the path I was on and where I have now landed. I wanted to share with you how I have made a huge shift since working with Chris.

I purchased the Business Blueprint for Wellness Entrepreneurs Bundle to get clarity on my niche and help to put in place what my thoughts where. 2 weeks prior to this call it became clear what my coaching niche was and getting on the coaching call Chris helped validate my thought process. I cannot explain the excitement I felt after our call and all the next steps I took away to create my different offers to put on repeat. That being said I took action right away creating a Bite Size Offer and BOOM it sold. The shift in my excitement, my mindset and having a coach in my corner has made a huge difference in how I have shown up for myself and future clients.

I continue to learn from everything she teaches in this group and from our calls that I can’t wait to put them into action or set goals around them. Chris thank you, you’re amazing and I love all the opportunities you have provided to help advance me as I lean into my fear of stepping outside my comfort zone. ~Trish McGrady, Life Coach

If what they have said resonates with you, I’d love to support you too!

Creating your EPIC 2020!

You nurture your clients, you nurture your audience, you nurture your family.

And what is your nurture plan for YOU?

We create business plans and events and strategies and one of the things I see MOST women wellness entrepreneurs leave OUT is an Essential Self-care plan for themselves.

Not this year sister!

I want you to roll into 2020 feeling amazing and ready to create your most epic year to date!

I want you creating healthy boundaries around what you are a HELL YES for and what you are no longer available for.

I want to empower you to create a plan that works FOR you and fits into your life and business so that you can show up and be the amazing coach, practitioner, mom, wife, amazing person that you are.

We don’t do that by hustling, striving or pushing through. We do that by being intentional around our own self care needs.

Ready to design your own essential self care plan?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Join me live on Facebook December 30th at 12:00pm EST where I’ll be revealing my top essential self care practices so you can create a foundation to build and grow your practice and feel amazing doing it. ♥⠀

Plus- You will walk away with my FREE sacred self-care check list. ⠀Download your checklist here>>⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is YOUR year!

The first place to start in creating abundance

6 months from now you can be in a completely different space in your life and business, mentally, financially and energetically.


The first step is to COMMIT. You don’t need to know the how yet. You just need to say YES to you and decide you are committing to doing what it takes to showing up, learning and taking action to create your desires.

Once you commit the HOW opens up. NOT before. We don’t see the HOW before we commit. That is backwards and like saying you want to go on a trip, but never commit to the investment of buying the ticket. You buy the ticket first- Then the plane takes you where you want to go. You can look at pictures all day long, and say you want to go there, but if you don’t actually commit and buy that ticket- you’re going nowhere. It stays a pipe dream.

So where are you stuck in your wellness practice? I see SO many coaches and practitioners with the LOVE for what they do, but they lack the skills for actually creating an abundant business. Abundance is more than just wealth. It’s also FREEDOM. Freedom of your time, choices and being able to focus on what matters to you most.

If you’re ready to say YES to a new way of building a thriving wellness practice with a heart centered high touch low tech way of SERVING instead of SELLING, then you’re in luck!

I’m teaching a NEW 6 month course called Abundance basics.

It’s a framework based on heart centered strategy, foundational systems and the abundant mindset to help you get out of your way and follow a SIMPLE way to attract, serve and create the impact that you love as wellness practitioner and the income you desire as a business owner.

In a way that feels in alignment with who you are, your business goals and based on generosity.

If you’re ready for consistent paychecks with your coaching or wellness clients, but you feel like you don’t know where to start, are trying random strategy that you’re not sure even works or how to put the pieces together- this is for you!

You get both 1:1 attention from me in SIX 90 minute sessions, plus 6 groups coaching calls and 12 90 minute trainings in both the inner game and outer game of building a thriving business.

Check it out here>>> Abundance Basics for Women Wellness Entrepreneurs 

And then:

Let’s hop on a FREE 20 minute curiosity call to see if this is for you. I ONLY have space for 10 women and 3 of the spots got taken yesterday.

To your success sister! 

I was just like you as a wellness entrepreneur

I see you sister!

You’re exhausted trying to learn how to make money doing what you love and just haven’t found the right formula for success.

You may be a new health coach, life coach, or even a wellness practitioner with the passion and vision to help others in a way that feels authentic to who you are, but the fear of where to start and what to do has left you confused and paralyzed from moving forward.

You’re trying to figure out how to gain referral partners with doctors and health practitioners, but your not sure what to say, or what to offer and get stopped at the front desk when trying to get an appointment to speak with the doctor or health practitioner.

You’re feeling frustrated and wondering if you can even make the income you’ve heard is possible and wonder what you have gotten yourself into.


In 2015 I was a new NTP and health coach, and I struggled for the first year to get my practice started. Seriously, I had 1 client. 

I didn’t know where to start, what to say or even how to partner with doctors and health practitioners. But I knew I could fill a gap for them and help their patients get healthy.

I had all the training, passion and the vision, but not the right simple system.

I was caught in the hustle of trying to “Make” my business work while juggling all the balls of being a wife, mom to 5 and navigating this new world of entrepreneurship. 

It wasn’t enough to have clutch coupons, business cards, a website or the letters after my name.

I sent hundreds of emails, personal messages and even snail mail to local doctors and never heard back.

It was so frustrating and I wondered if I even made the right decision to be a health coach and nutritional therapy practitioner.

Then I learned a simple and effective way to gain referral partners with local health practitioners, provide a valuable service to my clients and my practice skyrocketed.

I offered a resource instead of just my services, and that changed everything. I leveraged my time, created value and relationships and filled gap that served powerfully.

No more hustle. No more frustration. And everything was repeatable. I didn’t have to re-create the wheel each time I wanted to offer someone a way to help them get their transformation in health, and lifestyle habits that really last and are sustainable. 

Today I have a thriving wellness practice and teach other wellness entrepreneurs how to do the same.

My practice flows with joy + ease and, I do what I LOVE and help change the world in the process.


How would It feel if you had a ready-to-use 6 week curriculum to kickstart your wellness practice that also attracted your ideal client and led into 1:1 clients?

What if you could start enrolling your clients with a proven program to help clients create a health and lifestyle transformation.

How would it increase your visibility and help you create a steady stream of clients by collaborating with doctors and holistic health practitioners?

I’m sharing the same PROVEN program I used to create a thriving wellness practice PLUS all the support you need to launch it.

But there are only a few spots left and we start Tuesday.

Curious if this is right for you?

Be one of the next 10 women to book a 30 minute clarity call with me and take $500 off the price of the program if you register before Sunday. 

Click here to schedule a time to talk.

I’ve got your back sister! 


I cherry pick my clients, do you?



Hey dreamer! Yes, you.


The one chasing but not quite catching her dreams.

I have 2 (yes, only 2) 1:1 coaching spots open right now.

And here’s the thing – I don’t work with just anyone.

I only work with women who are ready to be a HELL YES for themselves.

Who are done playing small, staying stuck, holding onto beliefs that keep them doubting themselves.

Done settling for less.

Done believing they are a victim of their circumstances. 

Who are COMMITTED at a 10 to their own growth and what’s possible for them, even if they don’t know how, or are scared Shi$less. 

Here’s what I KNOW to be true. Nothing happens when you’re staying in your comfort zone and keep that life jacket on. You’ve got to start swimming, not treading water.  That’s the only way to step confidently in the direction of your dreams, to DO IT! 

Investing in a coach is NOT an investment in me.

It’s an investment in YOU.

In what you KNOW is a possibility for you.

In what you envision you deserve to be experiencing.

Investing is saying yes to your dreams and your future and to creating the impact in the lives of others you know you can make and bringing in the income you desire that creates freedom! 

Freedom to get out of debt, freedom to contribute to the family, freedom to pay for college for your kids, freedom to travel, freedom to live life on our terms. 

I know.

I’ve done it. I’m doing it.

I’ve been doing it for the past 4 years.

And here’s what I know and my clients experience too.

I ALWAYS go farther, faster when I have that support.

When I have someone helping to shine light on the BS, excuses and doubt that’s holding me back.

Helping me back to believing in myself and seeing the possibilities I CAN CREATE when I feel like I’ve lost my way.

It’s possible for you too, you know.

You are NOT a victim of your circumstances. It’s TRUE! 

I went from trying to figure out how to come up with $900 a month to invest in myself and coaching, to taking the leap and not only creating that investment, but creating 5 figures EACH MONTH. Doing it on my terms, with her help, from a place of flow and freedom. 

And it only happened AFTER I invested in myself and finally began stepping into who I knew I could be. Owning my power, my value, my truth and believing I deserved to have this life experience.

That is how powerful coaching is. 

And sister, you deserve ALL OF THIS!!

We weren’t meant to do this alone. If we could have, we would have done it already! You know what I’m talking about. That back door you keep leaving open, that gives you a way out when you get scared and keeps you from actually having your dreams. 

Here’s what I have for you:

VIP support from me for 6 months, 1 year or in a group mastermind. 

I’m talking high level, high touch support. I show up at 10 for you, because I believe you deserve that, I have your back and I expect you to show up too. 

This is a co-creation. I’ll help you with the mindset, the strategy and the systems, and you take the action to make your dreams come true. 

I’ll bring my top tips, my magic, my authenticity, my experience as a 6 figure wellness practitioner, and my belief in YOU, to hold your vision and help you get where I KNOW you are meant to go. 

Unlimited VOXER access to me. Privately and in a supportive kick ass community of other women stepping into their dreams. It’s powerful and priceless. You have me in your back pocket anytime you need help and support.

An online community that shares their heart, their challenges and their success stories, and we celebrate it ALL. 

VIP experiences, like retreats every fall and spring to inspire, motivate and help you up level your business and mindset FAST. 

If you’re ready to chat about whether this is a good fit for you. Let’s hop on a call. 

It’s an investment of $97 and 1 hour of your time. If we decide that we are good fit to work together and feel like I can ABSOLUTELY help you, I’ll share some ways we can work together and the $97 will be applied to your program of choice. 

What are clients saying about working with me? 

“My call with Christine has catapulted me into the next phase of my life!” Enjoy!- MP

“Christine is AWESOME to work with!”- CG

“Before working with Chris, I was feeling like there was so much I wanted to do and so much information to assimilate that was keeping me in a “frozen” state.  Working with Christine is giving me the opportunity to learn how to step back and see by goals as specific and measurable.  I am finding it much easier to move out of overwhelm and into action.”  

“I enjoy the way she keeps me on track and focused on moving forward, celebrating every win and asking me to commit to goals that are attainable, yet feel like a bit of a stretch.  She gives me concrete examples, shares her knowledge and offers support in a variety of ways.” 

“Just this week, I have scheduled 14 OTR’s, had a successful 5 day challenge had a really great talk for a group of real estate agents and am meeting with a PT this week.   Also, I am turning my fear of technology into the desire to learn.”

“She really believes in everyone that she coaches. She lifts people up and is  sincere and heart centered.  It’s really important to know that Chris encourages clients to define success the way THEY want to define it and then she offers the support and accountability to get you there.” -JV


Let’s do this sister! I’ve got you! 



Time Bending + Energy Freedom Challenge

Hey Beauty,

Are you done feeling like you don’t have enough time in a day?

Are you ready to start feeling like you are being productive and intentional with your time?

The women I work with often feel like they have to push harder, stretch themselves more, give more, and DO MORE in order to achieve abundance.

They give and they give and they give and they give, yet they feel like they’re running in circles. They work and they try so hard, but they still feel overwhelmed, full of doubt and they aren’t quite experiencing the freedom or abundance they deeply desire.

If this sounds familiar, I have the solution for you:

The 5 Day Time Bending Challenge: Create more freedom even with a packed schedule.

Naturally connect to your work, your life, your relationships and yourself – and invite more abundance, freedom and flow into your life without burning out.




During this challenge you will learn:

* How to retrain your brain to focus on what you do want, saving you time, energy and money.

* How to organize your thoughts when overwhelm takes over and say YES to you.

* How to regain energy by identifying your ‘energy leaks’ and learning how to patch them.

* The specific actions needed to feel more in alignment and create more freedom (even with a packed schedule)


In my experience, this simple 5 step practice has helped me and countless of my clients to create a more abundant life — and also feel more energized, more relaxed, more secure, and more aware of our deeper desires and purpose.

On an ongoing basis, this practice helps me to keep reconnecting with my body and thoughts: to become present.

It has also helped me find my flow: still getting work done, and taking care of myself.

It has also helped me cultivate abundance in all forms: business, finances, relationships, creativity, love.

I feel secure, knowing that there’s more than enough for me and that I can create the changes I desire by claiming my authentic power.

I teach you to reclaim your time, energy and personal power, bring your intentions into reality, and be the author of change in your own life’s story.

This practice will help you to give back from a full cup, to serve with joy, generosity and healthy boundaries rather than from a place of guilt, lack and fatigue. 

And most importantly, this practice will help you cultivate a fuller, richer connection and appreciation for your gifts and for who you really are. Allowing you to SHINE your light in the the world. 

It will help you to experience and live in accordance with your desires, and to live with deeper purpose and create a sense of freedom, flow, ease, and joy!

Join me on this journey as I teach you my 5 step process, so you can accomplish more each day and not feel so overwhelmed or exhausted and actually FEEL more abundant in all areas of your life and business.

It’s FREE and It’s happening LIVE Starting Monday May 27th.

Click the link below to join, and you can download the FREE Time Bending Playbook to go along with your challenge.

Join in the Time Bending Challenge 

From Frazzled to Freedom

Hey Beauty,

Chris here to let you know that even though you might be stressed to the max right now, there are still small, practical steps you can take to cope with that stress and stay healthy.

But first, why am I talking about stress?

Like it’s not enough to live with stress, now I’ve got to be talking about it too?!

Agh…. not fun…!!!

But the truth is that it sure is important to acknowledge stress so you can reduce it or cope with it a little better.

Think of it like aiming for a 1% improvement….you may not be able to change the stressors in your life, but if you can manage the impact on your body 1% better, then you’ll stay healthier and more able to handle the stress.

Worthwhile, yes?

Truth: what are some of the effects of stress on your body?

I used to pretend that stress is no big deal, so if you’re like me, then the two of us need to have a “Tough Love” moment and get real about how stress IS affecting our bodies….

  • Stress increases cortisol production associated with weight gain (especially in the belly), an inability to lose weight or gain muscle and premature aging
  • Stress decreases nutrient absorption due to decreased enzymatic production from the stomach, pancreas and liver and decreased bile flow from the gall bladder
  • Stress increases nutrient excretion such as urinary loss of calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, selenium and microminerals
  • Stress decreases gut flora populations by destroying healthy intestinal bacteria and can lead to immune problems, skin disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and digestive distress
  • Stress increases salt retention which can lead to high blood pressure
  • Stress decreases the thyroid hormone which can negatively affect your metabolism
  • Stress decreases sex hormones which leads to loss of libido and low energy

But you’re not reading this just to talk about problems, you’re reading to find solutions! So read on…

How can I reduce or cope better with stress?

Remember, since we can’t always control the stress in our lives, the goal is to reduce our experience of stress by even 1%.

Here’s how you can do that, starting NOW:

  • Look at your calendar for the next 7 days. What’s one activity you’ve committed to that you can cancel?
  • Look at your to-do list. What’s one item you can delegate to someone else in the next 24 hours?
  • Consider your schedule today. Where can you fit in 20 minutes for yourself —where you’re not taking care of anyone else or being “productive”—so you can just relax and play and do something mindless?
  • Look at your calendar for tomorrow. Where can you fit in a 10-minute walk or Frisbee toss in your backyard? The fresh air and movement will help you cope waaay better with stress.
  • Before your next meal, try what I call the “5-5-7” breath. Inhale for a count of 5, hold your breath for a count of 5, then exhale for a count of 7. Repeat at least 3 times. This gives your body a chance to relax before your meal, which will increase your digestive capacity and help your body pull more nutrients from the food you’re eating.

What do I do now?

If you feel too stressed to relax, and you KNOW it’s affecting your health, your weight and your energy levels, then click here NOW to join the next From Frazzled to Freedom, Self-Care 401k. Remember, if you don’t change the way you are showing up in the world, nothing will change. and if we don’t get a handle on the stress, all the supplements, foods and water will not change the propensity to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, weight loss resistance, obesity, insulin resistance and more. Not to mention it sucks the joy out of life.

Are you ready to do something different to get different results? The choice is yours!

I’ve helped tons of clients solve this problem, and chances are very good that I can help you, too.

Shine on!

You need to hear this…

Hey beauty!

I have something important to say and I hope you can stop long enough to read it.

True Self Care is not about the warm baths, the chocolate cake or the massages. It’s about creating life that you don’t regularly feel like you need to escape from!


Have you ever felt yourself counting down the days until you can finally get away for some alone time or a girls weekend?

Are you living at full speed during the week and waking up Monday morning counting down he days until the weekend arrives again?

If so, that’s not really living my friend. It’s just surviving.

How about we change that, shall we? Because it doesn’t need to be that way and it doesn’t need to be that hard.

I know- I’ve been there! I’m a busy mom with 5 kids, a husband to love and a business to run and it’s hard to show up and be the loving compassionate person you want to be when you are running on fumes.

I’ve changed all that and I’d like to walk with you into a new way of being so you can live with flow, ease and relaxed confidence.

It really makes a difference my friend. Since I have shifted, I wake up excited about the week ahead with energy and joy. I regularly have me time and time to enjoy being with my family. I do what brings me joy everyday and I have tripled my business income.

I made a choice! I decided I wanted to do it differently. Most importantly, I did! And let me tell you friend, the freedom I have today is priceless! And it’s there for you too!

If you are ready to show up with me 100% and learn the how’s of living and leading harmoniously- I have 2 ways to be of service to you.

1- I have ONE opening in April for 1-1 coaching in my Soul Shine Transformation Program. We will work together and dive in deep to create your life and business from flow and ease and ditch the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck. I’ll share my secrets and how to’s and I’ll be with every step of the way for 12 weeks. You will create a new way of being, thinking and living that allows you to feel empowered, confidence, energized and experience more freedom than you have in years.

If this resonates- Apply here and we can jump on the phone to see if we are good fit to work together. I only take women who are committed at a “10” into this work with me.

2- ENROLLMENT is now open for the Art of Living And Leading Harmoniously. We start May This is 8 weeks in a community of 10 women who are committed to ditch the burn out, self doubt and hustle. You will dive in and set up sustainable nutrition and lifestyle solutions to balance and get a handle on your stress so you can feel empowered, confident and energized to lead your life and business with flow and ease instead of stress and hustle. PLUS- up level your way of being that ripples into every part of your life.

Apply here to set up a time to chat to see if this group is the right fit for you. I only take 10 committed women who are ready to show up and take 100% responsibility for creating their life and dreams.

It’s YOUR time my friend. Are you ready to do it differently?

Let’s do this together! I’ve got your back!


How to turn your stress into success

Top Tips to turn your stress into success

Hey Sweet Friend,

Maintaining what feels like a hundred tasks over the span of seven days can become overwhelming and depleting. Work, running a business or leading a family causes stress and ultimately creates a worn-out version of yourself. Over time stress can lead to anxiety, depression, a low immune system, and other harmful effects. 80% of doctors visits are linked to stress, so getting a handle on this now can help you avoid the chronic illnesses that are showing up today for many. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, inflammation and resistant weight loss are just a few.

As you know, I’m all about taking time for self-care. Why? Because It’s true that your business and dreams can only function and come to life as well as you are functioning – and you can’t be at your full potential and hear your heart when you’re stressed out. And nobody has time for THAT!

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out or just low, consider these opportunities that can take you from stress to success.

Spend time in nature.

Take a break from your day to go for a walk or step outside and take three deep breaths then go back to your task. Even better, take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath your feet. Earthing or grounding is a great way to de-stress and rebalance your energy. Spending time outdoors can lower levels of cortisol – a hormone used as a marker for stress. Cortisol is also called the fat storage hormone. Produced from the adrenal glands, cortisol increases sugar into our blood and stores fat especially around the belly when we are in a stressed state. Even low-level chronic stress keeps cortisol and our adrenals turned. Consider working remotely from a garden or outdoor cafe. Even opening a window can change the mood in a workspace in an instant. Mother nature has many healing properties that are right outside your door.


Put on relaxing music, tune into your breathing, and focus your thoughts. There are easy-to-follow guided apps like CALM you can find if you’re a beginner. It’s proven that the benefits of mediation can last up to six days – that’s almost an entire week! Imagine what taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate could do for your mental health. Another form of meditation is called visualization. Instead of focusing on the circumstances that are causing your stress, focus on how you want to feel. Relaxed, calm, empowered, flowing through the day with ease. When you see yourself and most importantly FEEL the way it feels in your body to BE relaxed, that what you call into your day. Try adding elements of aromas, you can find my favorite essential oils here, and hot tea to enrich the experience.

Take deep breaths.

You’ve probably heard this before, but deep relaxed breathing can help lower stress levels in just 2 minutes. Focus on your breaths being slow and steady, with your out breathe being longer than your in breath. This can lower your heart rate and boost oxygen levels. Practice this 5-5-7 breath. Close your eyes and picture white light representing positivity as you’re breathing in to a count of 5, hold it for a count of 5, and breathe out to the count of 7, picture black smoke representing negative energy releasing from the body. Practice this in moments when you become aware that you are starting to feel overwhelmed.

Set a time limit for social media.

It has become so integrated into the fabric of everyday life. You may not even notice the effects of checking Facebook multiple times a day has until it’s too late. This can cause comparison stress, FOMO (fear of missing out), mood influence, and other negative underlying effects. Get an app that allows you to put a timer on social media apps if your phone settings don’t already have one.

Have a mini self-care session.

Plan one a few times a week to unwind from the madness. Make a bath, use a bath bomb, light some candles, grab a glass of wine, put on soothing tunes, and simply relax. According to psychologist Neil Morris, bathing can diminish feelings of depression and pessimism. A mixture of sensory and physical satisfactions causes feelings of comfort and easiness, which is a type of security that allows your mind and body to relax. For an added boost add some essential oils and bubbles to your bath. Essential oils energetically boost your feel good memories, and bubbles as a sense of joy and playfulness.

Schedule out time for tasks.

When you have a lot to get done at once, one of the worst things you could do is attempt to tackle everything at once with no order and jump from task to task. Instead, start with a game plan. Prioritize your tasks based on due dates and how much time each will take you. Delegate what you can to your team and others who are willing to help you cross items off of your to-do list. Set time limits for how long you work on something to prevent distractions along the way. And make sure you are taking breaks for lunch and to get up and move every 90 minutes, even if it’s just to walk to get some water and stretch.

Get moving, even for a bit.

The more you stress, the more stress hormones you create. Typically, you begin to take shorter breaths reducing oxygen blood levels creating a strain on the body. Use movement as an outlet to reverse this from happening. Getting your blood pumping and oxygen flowing again eliminates stress hormones bringing you back to a relaxed state. Plus, it has the added benefit of increasing those feel good endorphins and helps you feel more mentally alert. Pick a form of movement that is FUN and you will want to engage in it often. Not sure what to try, pick up my movement menu and see what resonates with you.

Remember, self-care MUST come first in order to ensure success and joy for the future.

Whether you are a busy mom, entrepreneur who Is building her passion, or working a full-time job, SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH. It’s the number 1 way to step into your dreams and come home to yourself to become the confident, empowered, energized leader you were meant to be. It is a part of very business plan that I help my clients create to help them step into their ideal life of abundance and success.

Want some help getting started?  Together in a small group of women we will use my SHINE approach to help you tune in and set up a system to help you ditch the stress and create sacred self-care to create the ease and flow you long for. We meet for 6 consecutive weeks live. If you miss a session, don’t worry, it will be recorded. You can still participate even if you can’t make it live.

There are a limited number of spots open, so join today. You’ll be so glad you did. >>>>>

Register for From Frazzled To Freedom

Before you go, leave a comment and share with me, what is 1 thing from this list you will implement this week to shift from stress to success? I read every one and promise to respond. 🙂



Break-up with burn out and self-doubt

When was the last time you felt energized, empowered, confident and excited about life? Excited to make the impact and income you desire and really enjoy living. Flowing instead of striving. 

I see you!

You are a woman who is
So. Very. Weary.
Weary of the endless cycle of burn-out, stress, exhaustion, disconnection and pushing through.

Weary of trying to keep it all together for everyone –  putting your needs last and of the endless pushing and striving.

I hear you!

The women who is asking for more fulfillment, more joy, more purpose and more peace. More time for yourself. More deep connection with your family. More energy to create what you know you have to offer the world.

Your inner light has dimmed.

YOU were meant for more. But you’re stuck in the hustle of do more, be more and yearn for a way out. 

I Know! I’ve been there. That’s why I can hear your voice so clearly. It was once mine. You can read more about my story here.  

There is a way out my friend! And I can show you the way! It’s time to take consistent empowered action towards your goals and dreams.

From Frazzled to Freedom is your answer. 

It’s not about perfection. It’s about getting to that place where you feel the answers align with your truth, where the path clears, and where things just FLOW. You feeling energized, taking consistent action and aligning to yourself as confident, empowered and abundant.

Being in a community of empowering women is how you transform. It’s where you feel safe enough to be open and authentic with other women leaders who are just as badass as you are.

It’s time to remove the barriers that may be holding you back from confidently taking care of you while making the impact, income and the life you desire. Without the stress, burnout and self doubt.

It’s time for revolution. It’s time to let your Soul Shine and get back to Sacred Self-Care!

We have a collective wound to heal.

It’s a wound made silent by our culture, the media, and our misinterpretations of success.

We’ve been told that self care is a privilege, selfish, shameful, indulgent, inappropriate, expensive, luxurious, or otherwise lazy.

We’ve convinced ourselves that we “have to” keep pushing until we are utterly exhausted, that we “should” keep moving through life at breakneck pace, or else we’ll fall behind, be forgotten, and never achieve our dreams.

It’s not sustainable. It’s not healthy.

It’s not the legacy we want to leave.

You have the power to choose something different.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will walk away with a renewed sense of your most confident, energized and empowered self with a new way to relate to yourself, your self-care, your business, and the ability to make choices that deeply serve you in the way that is more important to you. You’ll have toolkit to keep you crushing your goals, nourishing yourself and creating the income and work/life balance you desire from a place of energy and empowerment. 

No more self sabotage, no more procrastination or over analyzing. No more guilt about taking care of you. Say good bye to that mean girl voice inside and her twin sister perfectionism. 

Imagine the freedom and peace you will gain when you make choices in alignment with your goals and dreams as your most empowered, confident self. Imagine the abundance you create from this place. 

NOW is your time to come to yourself and become the empowered, confident leader you were meant to be.

Join me today and get the early bird rate and step into freedom. There are only 10 spots available and I’d love one of them to be yours. 





Giving up Resolutions


As many of us go into the new year with desires to be healthier and happier, we tend to make resolutions for improvements that come with good intentions, but RARELY last! So how about you do something DIFFERENT this year. I stopped using the word RESOLUTION a long time ago. There’s something about it that feels like “giving up”. I RESOLVE myself feels energetically draining. For years I have instead put in place an energetic practice in place of knowing how I want to show up. This covers everything – my health, my relationships, my career, my fun…


Setting goals is wonderful and important. We need to know what we want and what we are aiming for. We need a plan in place in order to make things happen. But without the INNER WORK the OUTER STUFF never pans out. 

When I started having coaches my whole life changed. I started BEING the kind of person who can make the things happen that I want and see for myself. For my health, my outlook, my money, my career, my relationships, my lifestyle. My vision is big and I step into it consistently. 

But it wasn’t always like that. I was thinking small. I was playing it safe.

I KNOW that having a system, support and accountability is the KEY to success. I have experienced it. My clients experience it. It’s just the way it is. 

WHATEVER you want to do in 2019 I promise you that having some help will make it possible. Lose weight? Get healthy? Change jobs? Reduce stress? Make more money? Step into your power? 

I AM OFFERING YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT. This is my way of helping you to make it EASY on yourself to start your year the way you want to – with a plan of action and the mindset to be the kind of person who will follow through and create forward momentum for yourself. 

I know sometimes it’s scary to make a big commitment so that’s why I have created this new program just for you and just for the New Year. It’s manageable and specific – let’s work on ONE THING that you’d like to be experiencing differently.

To help you move the needle forward, I am offering a VERY LIMITED number of spots in my Soul Shine Transformation Program. 

Maybe you haven’t been working out the way you used to, your great healthy eating plan has fallen to the wayside, or your daily schedule is all over the place and you just need a push and some focus to start utilizing your time more efficiently.Or maybe you have BIG GOALS for the New Year and want to get your head on STRAIGHT so you can make things happen. 

Think of this as a “habit reset”. In your discovery session we will assess what would be the most useful for you to focus on and create a specific and measurable goal that can be achieved in the 90 day time frame.  Your custom program may include vision exercises, meal planning, creating your ideal morning routine to set you up for success, schedule assessment, mindset and confidence building or possibly even a total reset cleanse.  

Our time together will include:

  • Setting an attainable goal that is connected to your vision for what it means to feel your best this year
  • Assessing which foods and activities are giving you energy and which might be taking it away
  • Action steps that can be easily integrated into your life
  • Experiential exercises to help you gain clarity
  • My inspiration and encouragement
  • Holistic nutritional or lifestyle changes to support any current medical conditions or doctor’s advice

My clients experience many or all of the following results:

  • Stress reduction (mentally and physically)
  • Weight loss
  • Optimized metabolism
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy and productivity
  • Consistent action to achieve goals

Want to know the best part? You can set up a FREE consultation with me. Tell me what you want to work on. And together we will figure out if I can help you get there. There’s no downside. If we have a call there’s no obligation to work with me. You will still get something out of the conversation. 

I have limited spaces. There’s a link below to my scheduling  page with details and way to schedule your free call. 

I’m excited to help YOU get excited for 2019!!!


Are you a Feeling Woman?


Over the years I’ve come to accept that I am a “feeling” woman. Not to be confused with being “emotional”. Feeling is something different from acting emotional. Not that there is anything wrong with emotions. On the contrary, in order to really express our true emotions, we need to feel them first. 

Let me explain what I mean by being a “feeling” woman. 

I make decisions and live life today based on how I feel and not how things look. 

I eat amazing salads, and whole foods because they make me feel good. It has nothing to do with how I look and everything to do with how I feel. Happy tummy, clear mind, energized body, relaxed confidence moving through my day. No more stress about what I “should” or “shouldn’t” eat in order to “look” a certain way. No more obsessing with what is on my plate. No strict rules to follow. I’m in tune with what works for my body to give me the energy, health and vitality that allows me to be the mom, wife, and coach to my clients that I want to be. Present, loving, kind and empowered.  (And, I go out for pizza and wine when I feel like it, guilt free.) 

I removed my breast implants because they were making me feel sick in my body and mind. I had capsular contraction and scar tissue building up that was causing severe pain. I could of had them replaced, but I didn’t. I chose not to because I realized that I was chasing the finish line of an image of perfection that did not exist.  Today I love my body. Deformity of my breasts from having the implant removed and all. I chose something different. I chose to accept and love me. Not an image of what our culture puts out there as beautiful. But the real, authentic me. 

I left a 17 year marriage because it was toxic and we were hurting each other and making each other sick. I could no longer live with how I felt. On the outside everything looked great, but I was falling apart on the inside and my body was telling me with trips to the doctor and hospital for “mysterious” digestive issues and inflammation. I knew I had to make changes and be the mother my kids deserved and the confident women I deserved. I left the comfort of being a stay at home mom, living on a 50 acre farm in the country, in a house that I designed, decorated and birthed my second child in, to feel good in my heart and my soul. 

I went back to school to do something that inspired me and gave me a feeling of purpose and empowerment. To be a healer. Why a healer? Because I knew first hand that when we teach what we learn and share that with others, even showing the scars from those learnings, that we continue to heal ourselves and empower others to heal too. 

I’ve experienced the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion of trying to get through divorce, go back to school while homeschooling my kids,  build a business, raise a family and support a new marriage. I’ve learned along the way what serves me, what doesn’t and how to make shifts to help me make choices that are in alignment with my most authentic truth and version of who I want to be and how I want to feel.  I continue to learn each day and embrace that. I don’t have to show perfect, be perfect or get it all “right.” I’ve learned to trust my feelings, and listen to my body when it needs rest. I see self-care as a way to acknowledge my body, mind and spirits needs and to answer those needs. A stressed out, overwhelmed, cranky mother and wife does not serve me or my family. Nor does it allow me to be present with my clients in walking authentically with them on their own journey of healing. 

Today I FEEL great! I have a fulfilling career as a heart centered healer. As a Massage Therapist and a Transformational Health Coach get to empower other women to make choices and shifts that allows them to live from a place of relaxed confidence and fullness. Letting go of the “should’s”, and “have to’s” and move into the place of “GET TO’s!” Opening up choice to allow them to see the full possibility of what what living a joyful, healthy, energized life FEELS like. I “Get To” travel with my husband and go for hikes and fill my soul in nature. I “Choose” to listen, honor and trust my feelings and body. 

So let me ask you, have you learned to trust your feelings? Your bodies messages to stop, slow down and take care of you? Are you listening? Acknowledging? Or are you numbing out with too much wine, sugar and chips and cheese binges? Do you push the feelings away and try to live life powering through your to do list? I hope not, there’s no deep rooted joy in that. But if you are, No judgment here. I’ve been there and done that too. 

And I know you can change that and trust your feelings, follow their guidance, step into your most powerful and authentic self and make choices from there that give you a sense of freedom and fulfillment. I hold you fully capable, and you might just need some help getting there. If this sounds like you and you want to get out of the stress, overwhelm and stuck places sucking the joy out of you, I can help. It would be my absolute pleasure to help. Because You deserve more! More Joy, More balance, More energy, More confidence, More presence with your family, More doing fun things, and most of all, more being in love with YOU! 

Let’s have some 1-1 time in a 90 minute session to get the needle moving forward for you. I promise it will give you some a-ha moments and open up more choice and possibility for you. 

You’ll get this 90 minute session, plus a follow up 30 minute session for ONLY $97. 

YES, I want some freedom and aha moments 

What is your peace of mind, renewed sense of self and confidence worth to you? I hope it’s worth MUCH more than $97. 

It’s my way of serving you, and being able to continue to do this work to help change the cultural entrainments keeping women focused on image instead of true health, and empowerment. 

Fee Free to share this with anyone else who you feel can relate. Together we create a self-care revolution.