Aligned Leadership
Soulful  Abundance Immersion 

Hey Sweet Friend,

Do you find yourself wondering “What are the secrets to creating a beautiful business with soul?”

If so, I invite you to work me privately or spend 2 1⁄2 days with me for a private 1:1 immersion experience in beautiful North Carolina.

Together, we’ll dive deep to meet the soul of your work and the essence of YOU to create the strategy that serves your clients and your heart.

Depending on your needs, we can cover a lot of ground, from your business model and messaging, to your offering’s and work-life flow. We go deep and wide, and weave in plenty of time for relaxation, so our clarity is rooted, and soulful foundations are established.

After being in the wellness world for 3 decades and growing my own practice to 1 MILLION in 3 years- I discovered 3 main pillars that must be present in any profitable and sustainable business.

I call these pillars my “Nurture Method” and all are part of the work I get to do with my clients.


The Nurture Method®

In order to create impact and serve those clients you are lit up to serve, you must FIRST be aligned with YOU. This includes making sure you are fully sourced as well as who you are BEING in the world. This is the SOUL part of who you are that Is a natural extension of you in your business.

NURTURE Business

What are your systems and structures of your business. Having simple, relatable and repeatable systems in place gives your business the structure it needs so you can flow in your business and in life. Marketing, sales and client delivery are the 3 systems to get dialed in to get you to creating profit in your business in a way that feels aligned with you.

NURTURE Community/ Relationships

How are you serving and giving value to your community and your clients? Everyone wants to feel a part of something larger than themselves, so creating a heart-centered community where you can serve, give value and establish yourself as the leader while building know like and trust is a fun and aligned way to build a profitable and sustainable business.

How do I stand out in a crowded market?

How do I create excitement around my work?

How do I design offerings that feel like me?

How do I make my unique mark in the world and stand out
as a leader in my field?

How do I remain in-action and inspired by my work?

How do I attract clients and where do I find them?

How do I keep it simple and heart-centered while being well

Questions I often hear from my clients are:

When your mission is to serve and impact the lives of others, your work is an expression of your soul, and your heart fuels everything you do. It’s important that your business feels authentic, and soulful and true to you.

Having 1:1 support can collapse the timeline for you so you get to where you want to be in a QUICKER and heart-aligned way.

I support clients privately in retreats as well as coaching containers of 6 mos. and 1 year.

The Soulful Leadership Retreat and the Aligned Leadership Program is specifically designed for Leaders who are also Coaches and Holistic practitioners who know that to stay in the game – to keep your head and heart engaged & to build a PROFITABLE sustainable business – your business has to align with your soul.

You know that if doesn’t feel right, it’s just not gonna happen. This intensive is all about helping it feel (and work) just right. Soulful, Abundant, Joyful and Impactful.

If this sounds exciting to you, you might be asking... What’s included? I’m glad you asked!

Details for the 2 1/2 day retreat are included below.

If you would like information about working with me privately in a longer container, book a call with me and we can see what would be the BEST fit for you and your business goals. 

Because it is part of you.

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Depending on your needs,
during our time together we may...

Create a heart-centered marketing and sales strategy that feels aligned with you and how you choose to show up in the world.

Identify and honor your unique brilliance, so we can weave your zone of genius through your work and position you as a standout leader in your field.

Integrate the parts of you that are missing from your work. We need BOTH the masculine structure and the feminine flow to build a sustainable business that feels fun and joyful.

Explore and unwind any worries, fears, and money blocks that are preventing abundance in your business and life.

Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work

Craft your core message and signature framework. Discover or evolve your ideal client

Design (or re-design) unique program offerings and pricing that you’ll love to deliver and attracts your ready YES clients.

Map it all out on a 12-month calendar

Restructure your schedule so it flows with your true vision of what it feels like to be in the flow.

Our time together will begin by us settling in with an opening evening of tea and intention.

We’ll talk about your deepest desires and clearest visions, and what you feel has held you back.

We will create a space of freedom, flow and intention to create soulful abundance in a way that serves your highest good and those you serve and what you are stepping into.

Here’s the flow for The Soulful Abundance Immersion


The Nurture Method®

After a breakfast on your own, we will create a foundation of deep clarity and we’ll pull out pens and paper and start mapping things out. We will dive into heart centered marketing and make sure you have a simple and repeatable system to help you ATTRACT your ideal clients and convert them to paying clients who are just right for you.

We will break for a nourishing lunch and then return back for a day of co-creating the remaining pieces of your soulful strategy and map it all out for the year.

After dinner- you’ll have time to think, process, integrate on what we have created together.


After breakfast we will tie up any loose ends from the day before, and you can ask me questions throughout the morning as you implement on your own.
This day is all about relaxation and space for integration.

We will complete our co-working by 12pm. You can use the remainder of your day integrate and center before you depart for home with a renewed sense of excitement and clarity. We will have a celebration lunch and set up your follow up sessions. 


All your accommodations, meals, healthy snacks and materials are included.

After your immersion, you will have 30 days of VOXER support and access to me to clarify any details on the implementation we talked about, PLUS a 30 minute follow up call.

For all of this, the limited time investment is $10,000 or three payments of $3,500.

This includes all your accommodations and meals. You just get yourself here.
**And- if you have a friend that you would like to join you, you can both split the investment.

I normally charge $6,000 for just ONE virtual VIP personal day with me, so your getting an opportunity to collapse your timeline to profit and abundance with incredible value in 2 1/2 days. 

This is an intimate experience where you have my eyes, heart and brain on just you + your business and letting it be the extension of who you are as a impactful and soulful leader changing the world.

I can offer only a few spaces for these retreats, so space is truly limited for 2023.

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When you’re clear on what you stand for and why, your foundation feels more stable, and you feel more grounded and motivated. Connect to your bigger mission and find the words that carry the aligned harmonic resonance – the artistry of your message.

Some other topics we may cover:

Craft your core message

Your offerings are the gifts that you can point to in the world and say “I made that” with pride. But you’ll only feel pride if they were truly created as gifts from your heart. Learn the basics of how to create offerings that are truly unique and beautiful to participate in and to deliver.

Create unique offerings

Have you ever seen someone’s website, business cards, logo or sales page and thought “It’s just so them”? That’s the aim here. Your visual branding should be an extension and reflection of you, so the whispers of your heart echo through it and the clients who are most aligned can find you.

Envision beautiful branding

For people to work with you, they need to trust you. For them to trust you, they have to feel like they know you. But how can they feel that they know you if they’re not connecting with the true you? I only have room for few clients each year in this VIP experience so Apply for your Nurture The Leaders Intensive.

Find your authentic voice

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If I feel like it’s a great fit for both of us- I’ll be in touch and we will schedule a quick chat to answer any questions you may have, schedule our time together and take your payment or down payment.

The payments must be completed 1 week prior to our session.

We will also set up a 1-hour session to create clarity on where you are before we even meet so I can map out the best experience for you.

For a very limited time, You can have this experience with me for only $10,000. And- if you have a friend that you would like to join you, you can both split the investment.

I am looking forward to sharing this VIP experience, and I hope to share the experience with YOU!