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How to STOP spinning and step into abundance

✨Life is too short to spend time doing things that feel out of alignment with who you are as a wellness entrepreneur who really care about people.


🧐I see so many coaches and practitioners doing 1 of 2 things that leave them feeling defeated. 😔
1) They are being taught to book “Discovery Sessions” to get a client. It feels inauthentic and salesy because it is. 😫
The intention is to sell a client on you and your 90-day transformation program. So you hustle to book those sessions and then either they ghost you (because they know they are going to be sold to) or they tell you they can’t afford it, need to think about it, or just don’t have the time. UGHHH
😤 It’s enough to make ANYONE wonder if they can really make it as a coach.
2) They throw spaghetti at the wall trying to see what sticks from the many tools in their toolbox that they learned to get their coaching certification.
🥺 They spin and are not sure what tool to focus on when. How to use it. And most importantly, what tool to use at the right time in their business.
😞 So they try and get marginal results copying what they see other coaches doing who seem to have success. (But they still don’t know what, why, how or if they are focused on the right things at the right time)
✳️ Listen- it’s not your fault if you see yourself in these scenarios. A coaching school is to teach you how to coach. NOT BUILD A BUSINESS. There is a difference.
👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻You can be the best health coach or life coach or nutritionist out there, but if you are not clear on how to attract your ideal client in a way the feels aligned and authentic to you- you won’t be in business very long. Or it will just stay and expensive hobby.
🙋🏻‍♀️ How do I know? I was just like you and did both those things above too. It what I was taught. I didn’t know anything different.
💃💃🚀 Until I learned a better way. A way to build relationships and SERVE my potential clients first. To give generously and create wins and value for my community that made working with me the natural next step.
🙌🏻🙌🏻 AND HALLELUJAH, NO DISCOVERY SESSIONS. No sales calls. No slimy sales tactics. No trying to sell, convince or persuade anyone to work with me. 🌟
💥💥💥And my practice QUADRUPLED each year.
💜💜Now I’m teaching this to other heart centered wellness entrepreneurs. So they too can build a practice with a service first, authentic, organic (no paid ads) and low tech way to create impact for others and be well paid for sharing your services. 💰💰
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See you on the inside sister. 🙋🏻‍♀️

6 Simple Steps To Create A Heart-Centered Community Of Soulmate Clients Using FB groups

Hey Sister ~

One of the questions I hear from my clients *a lot* is how to cultivate a heart centered community in FB groups and if it’s really an effective way to grow a thriving heart-centered practice. 

I LOVE community. Being around other heart-centered and soulful women who are learning, growing and creating impact in the world authentically has always inspired me. As a matter of fact, I have always been part of a “tribe” of sisters. 

When I was raising my kids, we had a group of friends who we loving called “sistermama’s”. We worked together to raise out kids, participate in a organic co-op and have “blessingways” for each new sweet soul that was born. We cried with each other, cooked for each other and just did life. Even though my kids are grown now, they are still in my heart and we meet when we can to now share about our adult children and growing older. (we went from nursing our babies to going through menopause together)

It’s special. It’s important. It’s connection. And It’s how I decided to build and run my coaching business too. 

We all need and long for connection. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That’s why groups are so impactful. 

And I want to share with you how I have served and nurtured people in my own community and in groups that allows people to reach out to me and ask to work with me. 

Just like any other client attraction strategy, you need to figure out which one feels in flow and aligned for you, so I’ve included some questions to help you decide if this approach is right for you! 

  1. I love giving thoughtful teaching that’s relevant to the individual’s specific problem. I like helping someone with a real need and feeling like I’m connecting with a person rather than trying to book someone into a sales call or discovery session. Question: do you enjoy teaching and seeing the impact you can make with someone?

  1. I am more of an expert in coaching and habit change than in sales. I love helping, sharing my knowledge and giving advice in my area of expertise more than I love having a sales conversation. Question: do you enjoy serving more than selling?

  2. I am willing to put in the time to build relationships. You see, building relationships from FB groups is not a short term strategy – you won’t make or reply to one post and have people whipping out their credit cards to work with you. (It’s possible- but in reality, that will be an exception. Only 3% of your community is ready to invest now). The real power of community is that you build a reputation and know, like, trust over time. You establish yourself as the leader and authority in your field. When potential clients come to me, they’ve already had an experience of me in a free training or a nurture event, or we have connected in some other group and I’ve just been a real person.  Question: Are you willing to play the short and the long game of building relationships?

  1. Do you like to collaborate with your peers and lift each other up. Yes, I build powerful connections from my personal facebook group. But, I also show up to serve in other communities and invite experts to share their zone of genius in my group and create win-wins for everyone. Collaborating with other peers an influencers that serve your ideal client in a different way than you do, opened you up to new communities and opportunities to serve and create visibility that just staying in your FB group. Question: Are you open to collaborating with others to create a Win-Win?

If your answer was *YES* to any the above questions, I’d love to share these 6 simple tips with you and help you get started. 

  1. Start your own Facebook GROUP that serves your ONE ideal client is. When I say ideal client, I don’t mean 5 ideal clients, but that ONE ideal client you most want to serve. Your Facebook group is not for ALL your friends, your parents, cousins and siblings. It’s not even for all your coaching friends. It’s for the ONE ideal client that you can most help. 

  2. Start sharing valuable and relevant content + tips that help your ideal client overcome a specific challenge or pain point.  This can be by doing a weekly Facebook live or sharing a free PDF or even a post that speaks into a single pain point and an action step for them to take. Be sure to ask them to comment, or let you know if this resonates for them. People want to engage, but they need to be invited and guided to do so.

  1. Guide the engagement in your group. You’re the hostess of the party. It’s your job to create the engagement in your group. Show up consistently. Respond to people posts and questions. Share some fun stuff and get to know your community. The more you engage with them, the more they will engage with you. 

  1. Be a real person, not a sales-y weirdo. When someone engages with my content or trainings and I can see there might be an opportunity for me to help them, I connect just to connect. I don’t instantly PM them ask them to jump on a call with me. Instead, I might offer some additional advice in a reply, or mention how one of my clients had a similar situation and how I helped them solve it. Or if I have a free training coming up, I ask them if they are interested in me sharing the link if they feel like it would serve them. Always ask permission. No one likes to be spammed with a link to join something that they don’t anything about. I delete anyone who does this to me from my friends list and I remover anyone from my group who just posts sales links. 

  1. I don’t offer free coaching advice that pertains to someones business in private messages. People sometimes message me, and ask me for specific advise as to HOW to do something in their own business. I love helping. But what I found is that I don’t have enough information about someone’s business to truly guide them. And I reserve that type of guidance for my paying clients that I know their business, their clients and the history so I can guide them ethically and with integrity. I’m happy to give simple tips, but its easy to become drained giving free advise that might not actually help someone. Instead, If they ask me specific questions that are out of the realm of general information, I’ll offer to support them in a clarity call to see which one of my programs or offers would be the best fit for them, so I can carve out time for them and really help them in the best way possible. Your time is precious. It critical to have healthy boundaries here. 

  1. Have fun. Seriously, let it be an easy thing. It’s doesn’t have to be wonky. Just have fun with it! See it as fun experiment that allows you to learn from your ideal client and see them in the way they most need to help them get their result. Connect to connect and before you know it, you will be attracting your next ready YES client and it will feel heart-centered, aligned and easy.

If you have any questions feel free to join me in my Facebook group and TAG me. I’m happy to answer any questions on how you can cultivate community and grow a highly engaged Facebook group that turns into paying clients.

Are you overthinking things?

Are you overcomplicating and overthinking and spiraling into overwhelm?

One of the biggest areas I see in the coaching world is women wellness entrepreneurs OVERCOMPLICATING things.

YOUR MAIN FOCUS is building your audience and keeping it simple.

KISS = Keep It Simple Sister

When you start over thinking and start chasing bright objects, you get confused. STOP

There is NOT a magic bullet out there.


Showing up consistently, repeatedly and with heart. Reaching out personally and making people your priority.

You do this by creating posts in FB, in your email list- or other areas in social media.

THEN YOU FOLLOW UP. Make people your priority.

Comment on each comment someone makes in your post.

Reach out to people.

Have real conversations with people.

Invite them to your nurture events.

Invite them to your group.

Invite to serve them.

It is THIS SIMPLE. I PROMISE. You are taking yourselves out of the game if you making it any more complicated.

Build your audience, nurture your audience, invite your audience to work with you.

Let go of making it hard. Let go of needing it perfect. Just show up and serve.

If you want some support around how you can simplify your focus to amplify your results, grab your Activate Abundance Assessment today.

You don’t need to spend anymore time spinning your wheels or trying to re-create it either. 

This is your opportunity to have support around identifying 3 things. We will Keep it SIMPLE.

1) What are the life and business strategies that are working for you now, and how you can up level those pieces to create more wealth in your business, time freedom in your calendar and step into the lifestyle you desire while reaching your goals.

2) Identify what is in your way, how you might be blocking abundance, overcomplicating the process and what may be predictable to stop you as you grow your heart centered practice.

3) Map out your next best SIMPLE strategies for you to take to KISS (keep it simple sister) so you can generate BOTH impact in the world and abundance in your bank account.

Let’s simplify your strategy to amplify abundance. Together. 



The first place to start in creating abundance

6 months from now you can be in a completely different space in your life and business, mentally, financially and energetically.


The first step is to COMMIT. You don’t need to know the how yet. You just need to say YES to you and decide you are committing to doing what it takes to showing up, learning and taking action to create your desires.

Once you commit the HOW opens up. NOT before. We don’t see the HOW before we commit. That is backwards and like saying you want to go on a trip, but never commit to the investment of buying the ticket. You buy the ticket first- Then the plane takes you where you want to go. You can look at pictures all day long, and say you want to go there, but if you don’t actually commit and buy that ticket- you’re going nowhere. It stays a pipe dream.

So where are you stuck in your wellness practice? I see SO many coaches and practitioners with the LOVE for what they do, but they lack the skills for actually creating an abundant business. Abundance is more than just wealth. It’s also FREEDOM. Freedom of your time, choices and being able to focus on what matters to you most.

If you’re ready to say YES to a new way of building a thriving wellness practice with a heart centered high touch low tech way of SERVING instead of SELLING, then you’re in luck!

I’m teaching a NEW 6 month course called Abundance basics.

It’s a framework based on heart centered strategy, foundational systems and the abundant mindset to help you get out of your way and follow a SIMPLE way to attract, serve and create the impact that you love as wellness practitioner and the income you desire as a business owner.

In a way that feels in alignment with who you are, your business goals and based on generosity.

If you’re ready for consistent paychecks with your coaching or wellness clients, but you feel like you don’t know where to start, are trying random strategy that you’re not sure even works or how to put the pieces together- this is for you!

You get both 1:1 attention from me in SIX 90 minute sessions, plus 6 groups coaching calls and 12 90 minute trainings in both the inner game and outer game of building a thriving business.

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To your success sister!